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Idol Hands Review (PC)

Ever wondered what it is like to be a god? No? Not that self indulged I see. Well I certainly have, and I thought “why not test my almighty-ness”. I got a chance to be omnipotent with Idol Hands from Green Man Gaming; a delightful God Sim which keeps it simple. You are in charge of a group of indigenous people, and you have to create a new life and a new world for these brave, god fearing people. That got a bit preachy, but it is all with good intent.

The game centres around a fledgling group of furlings. They are small, in danger of starving and being attacked if you do not intervene. They pray to you, their new god to help them. And help them you do. Without your guidance they dance around the centre of town, flaunting their inability to do, well… just about anything.

1-IdolHandsYour main duty is designating what occupation each of the villagers will have. You need farmers to feed your village, which will increase by one for each villager with a role; they also act as pseudo sentries for when you need to defend your village. You need wood cutters for building future job types – the subsequent job types after wood cutter all require at least wood. You’ll need a blacksmith to gain iron from iron reserves – the iron store will then be used for creating soldiers who require both wood and iron. Soldiers are the next job; they are able to attack other villages and are far better suited to battle than the others. Finally priests, these dude will raise how much the people will pray to you.

“How much the people will pray to you.” Sounds kinda nice to this egotist.

Prayer level. This is what gives you your abilities (think Ori from Stargate SG-1). You are able to level land, raise it, lower it and direct your troops. All of these require you use to use your flock’s prayers. Each time one of your devoted prays to you, your prayer level increases. It’s mana, but in a more fitting form for an almighty deity such as yourself.

To smite the unbelievers takes time. You need to raise a significant army, which will require feeding so you need more farmers, and you also have to be patient with your soldiers as they are not the sharpest blades. They will attack the closest enemy anything next to your designated muster point, then swarm from there. It’s enjoyable to watch the heathens scurry about as your wipe their pitiful existence from your new land.

6-IdolHandsMy main grievance is that your people are too happy. This sounds bad, but it is because for every swing of their blade during an attack they cheer. It’s almost cute at first, but it eventually grates, and then it ingrains itself on your subconcious.

Visually, the game isn’t going to set any records. I don’t think it needs to though. Too many times I have seen games that try making the graphics better to make the game better. I prefer style over realism, substance and simplicity are above complicated and unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy games that try pushing the boundaries, if they do it well and it fits the game. How does Idol hands compare to all this? It keeps it simple; simple is safe and makes the game look like it can be played on anything.

Should you get Idol Hands? Yes. It is a great game that makes its simplicity work for it. It doesn’t try too hard to do anything spectacular, but I can only respect that. The gameplay is easy enough for new people to pick up and play and it is strangely gratifying to watch your horde galavant through enemy land with ease.

3 Cheers out of 5

Idol Hands Review (PC), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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