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Headless Review (Android)

Julius goes for a quick run, with his headless friend!

Headless is a game dedicated to Mike, a chicken who lived 18 months without a head back in the 50s. An endless runner, you play a headless chicken who is trying to survive for as long as possible.

Double Smith decided to make it black and white (grey-ish), so the gamer could feel what it was like to watch B&W TV back then. The game is about a running, headless chicken, flying to avoid different obstacles. While running, the chicken loses blood fast. You have to jump around while running and pick up blood banks. That is how the chicken recharges and continues to run. Aside from blood banks, you can collect points, especially when you “near miss” obstacles. The game allows you to collect twelve different achievements while collecting blood banks, scoring points and avoiding obstacles. The more achievements you have, the more items you unlock. The chicken is controlled by tilting the tablet/phone to the left and to the right, while tapping on the screen makes it jump/fly.

Headless - still easy going

Headless – still easy going

So far everything seems very common… and then, something went completely wrong with the developers. Buckets are used to “replace” chicken’s head, and the loss of blood stops. Armour protects the chicken body from a single obstacle, bandages reduces blood loss. Except wooden fences, the only thing that can drain the chickens blood faster are chainsaws; meat hooks, electric fences, randomly flying butcher knifes and so on. Unfriendly and sharp things! If the gamer wants to test their reflexes, there is bonus if the chicken is at the right of the screen. It is called the boost zone. All collected points are doubled. After a while, the game becomes really fast and the obstacles increase in number. It’s a tough life for a headless chicken.

  A bucket on a chicken

A bucket on a chicken

The soundtrack of the game is old fashioned, catchy and fun but can become really annoying at some points. This is especially true if the gamer is trying to get an achievement for a long time.

What is the goal you may ask… Well, first, try to unlock all achievements. After that try to get as much points as possible or just to kill time while you are riding the subway.

  So many things to hurt you … more.

So many things to hurt you … more.

It is not the hardest game ever. It costs about a pint of lager, but I believe you may enjoy it more than a quick drink. There are no hidden things to “unlock” with money. You can play it with one hand, which is convenient. The game lacks friend challenges. I believe the addition of being able to challenge your friends would be a good idea(e.g. to collect 6 buckets in a row). There are also no defined levels and the chicken has an infinite amount of lives. There’s only one level, but it gets really hard to avoid all the dangerous things around in the later stages.

However, the game can become monotonous, once you collected all the achievements. It’s quite modest and it’s not very ambitious, but at least everything in the game is about your skill, no nasty premium stuff bought with real money. Just a fun, simple game.

View the game here on the play store

3 bloody stumps out of 5

Headless Review (Android), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Profile photo of Stuart Gillies
    11/05/2013, 2:32 PM

    The game looks like simple fun, I will probably give it a go :)

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