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Gun Monkeys Review (PC)

Gun MonkeysWhat is the most logical thing to do when you create an infinite amount of energy that is stuck in a terribly hazardous future? If you answered anything except “send armed monkeys to collect it”, then you are clearly no scientist.

That’s precisely the premise of the PvP platformer Gun Monkeys. The game itself is really quite simple. Two players are spawned in an arena, given guns and a power core that keeps them alive and stores the energy they collect, and told to have at it. At times it feels like a Capture The Flag affair, except the flags spawn randomly all over the place, and the arena is often tiny. This keeps things very interesting, and there is great potential for a very long battle, as advantages can turn on a dime. Even so, battles are short and sweet, so if you’re waiting for someone to finish a fight, you won’t be waiting for long. I don’t think I’ve been in a match that’s lasted more than five minutes and this is a big sell of the game. Every encounter is so frantic and fast-paced, it just begs for a rematch, and another, and another.

Outside the arena, the player can customize the colour of their monkeys (and their suspenders!) and, provided they won a battle, add perks to manipulate the odds of combat in their favour. The cheaper perks improve the powerups that randomly appear in crates, but with more expensive perks, on can improve the air maneuverability of their monkeys and other such stats. However, the first few battles you may find soul-crushing, especially if you go against a more experienced player. You will lose a fair bit, and you will be poor for a while. The tutorial is very clear and all-encompassing, but simply does not prepare one for the brutality of online combat. There is also a single player match option, however there is no AI, just a monkey sitting in its power core so you can’t even kill it. This is a good place to practice your acrobatics, however, and I would encourage new players to go through this a few times.

Gun MonkeysGun Monkeys looks, sounds and feels fantastic on every level (pun intended). It’s also narrated by Kevin Eldon (who you might recognize from Brass Eye), whose little quips fit in extremely well with the rest of the game. The guns are huge (because why would you give monkeys small guns? Are you insane?) and every time an opponent found a gun in a crate, my reaction was to always run and hide because seriously, screw homing missiles. The levels will almost immediately begin to drip with the blood of fallen monkeys and the explosions are big and powerful enough to warrant the obligatory slowdown. Speaking of which, the bombs are overpowered, which is great for a game changer. Moreover, not knowing how many you or your opponent have makes for some very tense encounters.

Gun MonkeysInitially, I was going to have the bombs’ power as a flaw of the game, but every time I play they get more and more fun. So I will point out the only REAL flaw the game has, which is that it is severely underpopulated, at least on European servers. So go get Gun Monkeys, because it’s the most fun you can have with a monkey and a gun and not have PETA get involved.

4.5 ridiculously overpowered bombs out of 5

Gun Monkeys Review (PC), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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