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Fist of Awesome Review (PC)

FistOfAwesomeScreen2Hey you, do you like Double Dragon? You do? Well, how would you like a classic brawler like that but instead of a creepy leather wearing dude you get to be a Lumberjack? Also, you’ll get to punch a bear in the mouth and have a mutated fist. If this sounds good, stop reading this and go get Fist of Awesome.

We actually reviewed Fist of Awesome when it came out for the iPad last year. We really liked the game for its humour and love and affection it showed the beat ‘em up genre. The game has now been made available on PC through the Humble Store and is currently on Steam Greenlight. You can read our review of the game here then pop back to get our verdict of the PC version below.

iPhone_Prehistoric2As ports go, Fist of Awesome is good. The game runs in a window rather than full screen but that kind of adds to the feel of the old school flavour the game is steeped in. The control system is no longer touch screen but rather keyboard or controller. And when it comes to Fist of Awesome the controller is king. Whereas the tablet version of the game relied on directional swipes of your right thumb for each of the attacks, each button on your controller controls one of the attacks. And for the first time since playing the game last year, I now know how to activate the super fist punch. What was a move you stumble over in the iOS version is now an equaliser you can pull out at will. The game plays that little bit better on PC compared to tablet because you can use a controller and again this just helps to reinforce the feel of a old school beat ‘em up.

Other than that there is not much else to say about the PC version of Fist of Awesome. It may not be worth owning another copy (few games warrant this) but if you missed it the first time round I can’t recommend Fist of Awesome enough.

4 Lumberjacks with mutated hands out of 5

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