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Europa Universalis IV: The Conquest of Paradise Review (PC)

The Conquest of Paradise is the first full expansion pack available for Europa Universalis IV. We’ve seen many expansion packs for Paradox Interactive titles, especially Crusader Kings II, so we can expect that The Conquest of Paradise is just the first of many for Europa Universalis IV.

europauniversalisiv_conquestofparadise_nativesThe Conquest of Paradise focuses on the American continent for the content it adds to EU IV. The Native American tribes have been given a whole host of added benefits. The have their own new federation mechanic, unique ideas, buildings as well as new events and decisions. Really interestingly they can migrate, allowing them to move away from aggressive neighbours or those strange Europeans that just appeared from nowhere. Above all you can now play as one of the over two dozen Native American nations in the game. It’ll be a challenge to survive till late game and you will have to adapt, but it provides a whole new set of gameplay to Europa Universalis IV.

2014-03-29_00001For the majority of you however, you will be wondering what the expansion adds to your usual play as a European nation. The Conquest of Paradise certainly favours the more exploratory nations such as Portugal, Castile, England or even France. The biggest new feature added by the DLC is both it’s most historically accurate and inaccurate feature. You can now generate a random “New World” when beginning the game, allowing you to truly “explore” the unknown lands of the west in the way the great explorers of the time would have. Not knowing exactly where everything in the west is beforehand means you won’t rush off to high yielding plantations that you always go for, but instead allows you to play with your curiosity as you send scout fleets out in hope that they find land before taking too much attrition damage and are lost at sea forever.

europauniversalisivconquestofparadise_1_0The random map generator works really well too. It still clumps the provinces together nicely into two or three continents and retains most of the province neighbourly relations. This is key for yet another new feature that is added with the Conquest of Paradise DLC, colonial states. Once you have set up enough neighbouring colonies, they will become a self-sufficient state, with you as their overlord. This means you no longer have to manage their growth or armies and they are free to do as they wish. You can continue to colonise surrounding lands to add to the colonial states size, or from there venture off to start creating another. Each state pays a tariff to you as the mother nation, and the percentage that they pay can be adjusted through the management panel or through events. There is also an independence desire percentage for each colonial state, so you have to keep the balance right before you have a revolution on your hands.

The Conquest of Paradise DLC adds an impressive amount of new features to Europa Universalis IV. The Random New World mode makes exploring a whole lot more interesting, and the new colonial state system relieves the pressure of managing an ever-growing presence in the west, so if you found yourself a little bored of EU IV, the Conquest of Paradise DLC will bring the excitement back to life for you.

4.5 new worlds to discover out of 5

Europa Universalis IV: The Conquest of Paradise Review (PC), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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