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Electronic Super Joy Review (PC)

Electronic Super Joy4So you’ve lost an arm, an eye and both legs, still want to party with ‘Electronic Super Joy’? You should, and here is why.

You might not be able to guess this by the name, but ‘Electronic Super Joy’ by Michael Todd, is all about the awesome tunes and visuals. And the game makes use of these to great effect. Ok, so most games have kick ass tunes, granted. And all games nowadays have to have some sort of art style that fills a certain niche. But this game uses them as playthings, and continues to party on after it’s finished with them. That’s how awesome this game is. It also opens with a humorous warning, in a similar line to South Parks’, and gives you an insight into the minds of the developers. I have to say that if any game warning screen has the word “blasphemy” in it, then I am almost instantly in love with the game.

Electronic Super Joy3The gameplay should be familiar to most who play platformers. You run and dodge and jump and stomp on things to defeat them and you party with NPC’s. Wait you don’t do that? Neither do I, but this game does. Ok I might have exaggerated. You don’t party with them exactly, but they are definitely partying as you pass them, and they are always there to hand out helpful advice, such as “we like you” and “he’s mad again”.

The game has great music, with its almost-subtle intros, looping until you get far enough into the level to allow the serious beats of the song to be unleashed upon the player. It adds another level of immersion to the game, as Electronic Super Joy revolves around a character that has been in the Disco Wars of 1515. It only makes sense that as you traverse the hazardous levels your head is bombarded with heavy bass and the occasional pseudo sexual “oh yeah” or “ooh” sound effect as you make a checkpoint. I feel that this game should only be played with headphones on, not to be polite to those around you, but so that you appreciate the games soundtrack that little bit more.

Electronic Super JoyThe games art plays a major role in the gameplay, as levels make use of revolving lights in a monochrome level which only reveals the area of the map that the light is shining on. This makes being able to land on the platforms that much more difficult, and it was not easy to land on them in the first place.

The size and shapes of the platforms makes it difficult to complete levels and will have you repeating levels until you either finally complete them and fist bump thin air, or you rage quit and blame the pain that is developing in your hands as the reason you couldn’t do it. So yeah, I died a lot, but I think the fact I am so used to platformers incorporating wide platforms of uniform shape is the real reason I failed countless times. The game also uses a lot of timed levels where you have to keep moving, but with all those tricky platforms it makes level completion even more difficult.

Electronic Super Joy1For those of you keeping score at home, I used difficult twice in that paragraph.

My only niggle with this game is the placing of portals, or how they are used. In one particular instance you are in a timed level where you are sprinting left to reach the portal before it leaves the screen and when you finally get transported to the other end of the portal you are flying left off of the platform. This might have only happened to me, but I had to repeat that little section of the map numerous times until I finally conquered it.

Overall, this game is difficult, looks great, is funny and has brilliant head bobbin’ music. It’s a must for all of you who enjoy a challenging platformer and I guess it isn’t so bad to die a thousand deaths if you get to listen to good tunes whilst it happens.

4 partying NPC’s out of 5

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