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Dusty Revenge Review (PC)

Iain McCracken vows revenge as a rabbit in the wild west

Ok, so let me make one thing clear right from the beginning… I love spaghetti westerns and I love the age-old story of grisly bloke comes home to find his family dead and vows revenge… This may have skewed my decisions within this review…. just saying.. M’kay, disclaimer done. Now on to the review


Dust revenge is a 2D side scrolling beat and shoot em up with, frankly, an absolutely wonderful cell shaded art style. It follows the story of Dusty, a rabbit that came home one night to find his house ablaze and his girlfriend dead. Through the haze of smoke he glimpses 3 evil henchman walking away, carrying a hitherto unimportant heirloom from his father. He collapses, wakes up, vows revenge. And so our story begins.

The gameplay is wonderfully simple. One arrow key for light attack, one for hard, one for pistols/shotgun and the standard wsad/space combo for movement and jumping. The fun part in all this (as with a lot of games within the genre) is in the combo system. As you punch, thwack and blast your way through enemies you gain xp, and each new level you gain brings with it a neat little collection of new combos to try out. Since I never played much in the way of beat-em-ups as a kid it sometimes took me a while to master the correct sequences, but the feeling you get when you hit all the right buttons and end up decimating a whole screen full of enemies is something special.


The next part of the combat system is the two companions you meet while on your bloodthirsty quest. Rondell (a huge artillery cannon-totting teddy bear) and McCoy (a sniper dog). Your two buddies are always ready to throw a bullet (or explosion) into the mix while your support meter allows. Rondell is often used to take out obstacles along the way as well as just for the sheer pleasure of dropping a massive explosion in the middle of a group of enemies, knocking them all over the place and allowing you to jump in and mop up.

And finally, as if those explosions weren’t enough, chaining together attacks with Dusty fills up a combo meter which allows you to use an ultimate attack that involves loads of hits and 3 giant explosions… come on, surely you like the idea of more explosions right?

The sound design and music are also nicely implemented. The menu music is very ‘Desperado’ (the young ones should look that up), and in-game it’s nicely fitting without being too obtrusive, also, explosions… nuff said really


Now that I’ve spent the first half telling you how awesome this game is, it’s time to tell you why it’s not…

First off, loading times. At first I thought it was a result of my crappy old pc. After testing it on another pc though I realised it’s actually software related. However, at least it gave me an excuse to go and get another cup of coffee.

Secondly, the idea of ‘tap to fire pistols and hold to fire shotgun’ seems easy enough. However, the game seemed to have a problem distinguishing between the two sometimes. Again I thought it might be my keyboard but apparently not. Shame really.

And finally, there are sections of the maps where you are climbing vines and such. Really, really slowly. Considering how fast paced and hectic most of the rest of the game felt, it seemed very odd that you should climb at such a reduced pace. It wasn’t often and it generally wasn’t for long periods, however, it was annoying…

Even with these little niggles it was a very fun game to play. The art style and old western feel of the story had me enjoying myself immensely. And the combat was nice and challenging, even on normal mode. All in all, a wonderful way to take out the stresses of a normal working day by exploding, shooting and beating the bejeebles out of anything that had the audacity to appear on-screen.

4 swinging saloon doors out of 5

Dusty Revenge Review (PC), 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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