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Dragon Eternity Review (Android/PC)

Dragon Eternity 4Dragon Eternity, from Game Insight LLC, is a fantasy MMORPG world enveloped in wondrous lore. Your interest in the game will continue to increase as your level does. Dragon Eternity is also cross-platform; in this context it’s for iOS, PC and Android. I played the game on PC and on an Android phone (and prefered to play on the PC, but I’ll get to that later).

Cross Platform! Sounds awesome does it not? Well it is, but unless you are playing on a device with a decent amount of storage on it, I would recommend the PC version. This isn’t because it runs better; it runs just the same as far as I could see, but because you shouldn’t have to delete files just so you can have all 702mb of the game on your handheld devices. Again, if you have enough storage then I am sure it will be fine, but on my phone I would rather have 20 apps on it as opposed to one huge one, especially when it comes to games. I mean this in the nicest possible way, I use my phone to game when I am on the move, or on my break, meaning I have to use my network connection most of the time to access the internet, I don’t want to use up all my available usage on a game I can play on a PC in-browser.

Dragon EternityTo properly review this game I started as a new character so I knew what it was like to play the game from scratch. It was tough, generally not very interesting at the start and all the quests that you had to carry out were easy; go kill, go buy and go collect missions. I hate these, but I understand why they are put into games of this genre so I battled on through all of this, then came the Multiplayer Combat. Dragon Eternity is about leveling your character, mainly through combat but also through quest completion.

Your character creation is on either a member of clan Vaalor or of clan Sadar each with their own history and reasons for disliking the other. This is a standard for MMORPGs. The game also has battlegrounds where you and your team will be able to fight against an opposing team, both teams comprising of similarly leveled combatants. These skirmishes are the best part of the game. All combat within the game is turn based, but when fighting against an opposing team you will fight numerous opponents within the same match. This brings tactics to the forefront of the game, as you might be facing someone who has better gear or spells than you, and knowing that you won’t win you can either fight and try and luck it out, or using your cunning you can defend and make them waste their mana and time on you whilst your team shreds your adversary’s companions apart.

Dragon Eternity 2The game takes place on Ardan. You don’t actually have an onscreen character during exploration. You navigate by clicking on one of the available locations on the right of the screen. When in a location you will be able to interact with the onscreen characters by clicking them. This will result in instant combat or conversations. A bit sluggish to begin with, the game eases you as best it can into the lore and universe of Dragon Eternity. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the lore of the game, as it is delivered to you – initially – with an eye catching and thrilling video in which you see a lone warrior riding his dragon (quite Eragon-esque) and facing his enemies head on. The games lore is then further revealed to the player slowly via text. I enjoyed how the game’s story is slowly unraveled to the player through text, not giving too much away too early on, allowing the player to feel as if they are a part of the story. I also enjoyed this medium as I am a fan of text based RPG’s, and in all honesty this game is actually a text based RPG. Don’t get me wrong the game looks brilliant, not so much in combat, but it does during the exploration view. During your turn in combat you have 3 attack options along with optional spells or items you can use (you can use the items out of turn, and they don’t count as a turn).

As I said before the game looks good, and in combat the reactions to attacks are nice and look like they make connection (a personal grievance of other MMORPGs). The game tends to get a bit bogged down during combat as it takes time to render new models, but once they have the game runs smoothly. However, the exploration view of the game is quite cluttered and on smaller screens its quite difficult to make out characters, but I suppose this is compensated for by being able to select who is interact-able using the right hand side menu.

Dragon Eternity 1The sound effects aren’t brilliant, sounding distorted at times and the music seems to be played out of sequence but overall the music is quite good. It isn’t overly memorable but it doesn’t ruin the game either.

Try the game, it’s free on Play Store, App Store and it can be found on the Dragon Eternity website. However, this game is not like WoW or even Runescape, and for all you action RPG fans I would say that you probably won’t like this, but for more cerebral gamers, an interesting story and good multiplayer combat should keep you satisfied. With constant updates and quests for you to take part in I can say I would recommend this game.

3 Warriors Riding Dragons out of 5

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