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Cut the Rope: Triple Treat Review (3DS)

If there was ever a genre of game that suits handheld gaming then it’s the puzzle game. Whether it be Tetris, Puzzle Bobble, Dr Mario or Angry Birds, these games are responsible for whiling away the hours on countless commutes. Another game looking to help in this arduous task is Cut the Rope Triple Treat on the 3DS

CTR_Triple_Treat_Screen3Cut the Rope Triple Treat is a package game that collects three Cut the rope games previously available as single mobile games. The games in this collection are Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel. If you were hiding in a cave the first time Cut the Rope came out I shall try to summarise what you missed. Cut the Rope is a puzzle game where the object is to feed a cute wee dinosaur called Om Nom pieces of candy. These pieces of candy are suspended by various lengths of rope that need to be cut in the correct manner to release the candy, collect the bonus stars and fall into the waiting mouth of Om Nom. As you progress through the levels you need to deal with elastic ropes, spiders, moving stars and bubbles that will keep you on your toes as you try to feed Om Nom his drug of choice. It is fair to say that Cut the Rope is one of those classic puzzle games that can hold its own with those mentioned at the start of this review.

CTR_Triple_Treat_Screen2The games play very much the same on the 3DS as they do on mobile devices and tablets bar a few changes. The game is best played with a stylus which allows for more accuracy and speed in completing levels. The hint and powerup systems have also disappeared. This is a good thing as these were micro transactions you paid for which essentially completed the level so you could move on. On the 3DS version you can simply skip a level and try the next one. The top screen of the 3DS does not get much use in Cut the Rope Triple Treat. During the game there is a 3D version of Om Nom who reacts to how you are doing in the level below. Any cut scenes shown between levels are also displayed here but that is it. The game does not feel cramped on the smaller screen and has been scaled down really well. Everything works as it should and just feels at home on Nintendo’s handheld.

In terms of Longevity there is plenty in Cut the Rope Triple Treat to keep you occupied. There are over six hundred and fifty levels spread across the three games. And because the two sequels are themed (Time Travel has you freezing time to solve puzzles whilst Experiment makes uses of crazy inventions like rope shooters) there is enough variance in the games and levels to last for over fifty hours of gameplay. Triple Treat even comes with the first two seasons of the Cut the Rope web cartoon series, Om Nom Stories, which will give you an additional hour of video to watch.

CTR_Triple_Treat_Screen4Cut the Rope Triple Treat then is pretty much an excellent wee package. There is just one issue with it. It’s not the usual problems that hinder a game either, it is the business model. The game is retailing for around the £25 mark. This would normally be rather acceptable given the content on the cartridge but it is possible to pick up all three of these games for about £6 on mobiles and £8.50 for the HD versions for tablets. That is nearly a three hundred percent increase to play the exact same games! Sure, they have gotten rid of micro transactions to skip levels, but I never used that feature, nor would most gamers I assume. It is also understandable that a physical game can cost more but this seems overly excessive. It also begs the question of who is this version of the game made for. Surely if you own a 3DS you will also own a device that is capable of playing the mobile versions. No matter who the target customer is, it does put us in a bit of a predicament; we really like Triple Treat. It is an excellent conversion of an excellent game but we could not recommend this game to anyone when you can get the game elsewhere for £17 cheaper. So, when it comes down to scoring the game we are going to award the game two and a half out of five. Should you find Cut the Rope Triple Treat for sale at £10 to £12, add two stars to our score and buy it!

2.5 very f@%king expensive stars out of 5

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  1. tonyd899 says
    04/30/2014, 5:38 PM

    Ridiculous price to ask for a 3D om nom which is underused anyway! We’re all doomed as gamers when you get demos at full price release price (MGS) and mobile games charged the same as a full on mario experience!

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