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Crusader Kings II: The Way of Life (DLC) Review (PC)

Paradox Development studio quietly released a small DLC package for Crusader Kings II called The Way of Life. After the most recent expansion; Charlemagne, The Way of Life may seem like a bit of a raw deal with the amount of content it adds. That’s not to say that the expansion disappoints though.

wol_dog_growingThe Way of Life looks more to the role-playing side of Crusader Kings II rather than its historical side. The accompanying patch also changes how you use character diplomacy. Now instead of having to go to the character and clicking on the diplomacy button, you can simply right-click on the character’s portrait to bring up the diplomacy options. It’s a small tweak, which may take some getting used to for veteran players, but it becomes a very handy shortcut once you start to accept it as you can jump straight to diplomacy from views other than the character screen, such as the province view.

wol_seduce_heteroAs for the actual content of the DLC there is one added feature; Character Focus. With the DLC installed you no longer get the option to pick an ambition to improve a specific attribute. Instead you are encouraged to select a focus for your character. There are two focuses per attribute, and each focus will give you a couple of bonuses. For example, for martial bonus you can choose between Hunting or War. War gives you a straight up +3 to martial, whereas Hunting gives you +2 martial and +1 health, handy in those later years. (A full list of the Foci and their effects can be found on the Wiki).

wol_master_of_shadowsSome of the foci are blocked by certain traits, such as you can’t choose Seduction if you are celibate. Others unlock certain events or decisions, such as the option to go on a Pilgrimage is only available if you have the Theology focus, and the option to Duel your foes with the War focus. You are able to change focus every five years, however sticking it out long-term with a specific focus can lead to gaining lifestyle traits such as Socialiser or Dualist. There are literally hundreds of new focus driven events added to the game, so it will take some time to exhaust all of them through the ten different foci.

That is essentially it though. It’s certainly one of the smaller DLCs that’s been released for Crusader Kings II, a game that still stands strong despite being three years old. However, if you like to focus more on the roleplaying side of the game then the Way of Life expansion will add a lot of fun to your game.

3 wives of the enemy seduced out of 5

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