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Crusader Kings II: The Rajas of India Review (PC)

Paradox Interactive are back again with ANOTHER expansion for Crusader Kings II. The Rajas of India is the sixth expansion to have graced Crusader Kings II, and while it doesn’t introduce any new gameplay features, it comes with a whole host of content.

extendedMapThose of you who have played Crusader Kings will immediately go “India? But the map doesn’t go that far?” Well it does now! The Rajas of India expansion features more than twice the landmass of the base game, extending the world East as far as the border of Burma. This alone make the expansion worthwhile. You can stop reading here and just go buy it.

Still here? Want to know what else is in the expansion? Well with the addition of the Indian realms come the Indian religions, with the unique branches of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain. Prepare to have a nation that is split between the three if you rule in the east, but you also have the opportunity to convert large areas to one branch, or even jump ship yourself. There are further religious intrigue events such as choosing a Patron Deity or searching for your own personal Guru (they have awesome stats!).

ck2_6As an Indian ruler you can seek to control any of the three main empires; Rajastan, Deccan or Bengal, or if your are really confident you can push to become Samrat Chakravartin, the Emperor of Emperors, and unite all the lands of India. It’s a tough challenge for any experienced Crusader Kings II player. Along with the expansion came the latest patch for the game, which has all revolting factions uniting under one banner, so you could end up with some rather large Revolting armies to squash.

ck2_7Still not enough? OK, I have two words for you: War Elephants. WAR ELEPHANTS! Everything is better with War Elephants. They are great in battles, as an Indian leader you can have War Elephants in your retinues, and many of the mercenaries also provide a few. There are also a few special events that focus around the magnificent beasts.

You don’t just have to stick to India either with the expansion. There’s no harm in playing the game from within Europe still. Try to push that growing Byzantine Empire east? Or even now play with the Persian or full Tartan empires at your disposal. The world is an ever-growing place, and it is yours for the taking!

Really there is very little reason why you would not want to pick up Crusader Kings II: The Rajas of India. Maybe you don’t have Crusader Kings II yet. If that’s true then go buy it now, get this expansion and at least the Old Gods expansion and disappear into a world where you will get so involved that every decision will be of the utmost importance to you.

5 rampaging War Elephants out of 5

Crusader Kings II: The Rajas of India Review (PC), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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