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CastleStorm Review (PC)

Hello everybody, Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) here once again to bring you a new cross-over review for the fine folks here on Calm Down Tom. Today I’ll be reviewing a genre mash-up title called CastleStorm from Zen Studios.


CastleStorm is a rather unique title that doesn’t just focus on one genre of games, but combines many types of genres. It combines tower defence and hack and slash with a side scrolling action game and role-playing games, to name a few genres. The game has a lot of features and I’ll be taking you through each one to give you a good understanding of the game and how big it actually is.

The game features 2 main gameplay types, single player and multiplayer as you may have already guessed. Each has a variety of game modes for you to choose from. Multiplayer features the ability to play the game over a LAN or the internet in 3 types of game modes: versus, survival and hero survival, and each plays differently from the other. Versus is a tower defence like game mode where you’ll be going up against another player as the Kingdom of the Norse clans. Survival mode is where you’ll have to survive multiple waves of enemies. Hero survival mode is where you will be facing enemies as a hero that you’ve selected and plays like a side scrolling hack and slash game mode. Like survival mode you will be going up against multiple waves of enemies trying to survive.


Single player has Survival and Hero survival modes but also features 2 game modes unique to this play style, the first of which is campaign. Campaign will take you through the games storyline in the form of a variety of different levels. Each level is split into sub levels for you to complete and they all play differently from the last. The second game mode unique to single player is skirmish mode and allows you to create your own game type using a bunch of different options. Skirmish mode, Survival and Hero Survival are unlocked in single player once you acquire your first castle within the campaign mode in the game,


During the campaign you will be rated on your performance during a mission using a 5-star system and your rating is uploaded to the games leaderboard. Any friends that you have on Steam who also own the game will have their scores posted as well, so you can compete with your friends for the best scores on each mission. After a mission you’ll also acquire gold coins which can be used to purchase new equipment to be used during any mission. You can also use gold coins to upgrade any already acquired abilities and equipment to make them that much more powerful, allowing you to take down enemies that much easier. Each mission has a main objective and a secondary objective for you to complete. The main objective is required to complete the mission but the secondary objective can be failed and you’ll still complete the mission, but your score will be affected by failing to complete the secondary objective.


There are a wide variety of unlockables for you to acquire within the game as well, ranging from new recruitable troops to new equipment that can be fired from your ballistas. There are often times where you will need to take down an entire enemy castle and there are many types of weapons that can be fired from your ballista to do so. The first is a javelin which can easily take out an enemy unit and recharges quickly. The second is a morningstar, which is a spiked ball, that is amusing when you headshot an enemy with it as they will have this giant spiky ball sticking out of their skull. Another is a bomb which is ideal for taking out castle walls. There is also a boulder which can take out multiple enemies at once and is great for taking out wooden sections of a castle, and is also amusing when you hit enemy units with it.


Your troops also hold a big significance in battle as well and help keep enemy advances at bay when taking on an enemy castle. You can summon your troops using food. Food replenishes over time allowing you to recruit new units to head towards the enemy castle and fight. There are a variety of different units that you will unlock to send to their untimely deaths, ranging from warriors which move at a moderate pace, archers which move slightly faster than standard warriors, 2 handed units which are bulky and slow and priests which heal your damaged units. You can also choose to send a hero into the battlefield by summoning them where you’ll be taking direct control of their form (hint hint) and you’ll be able to go from tower defence mode to hack and slash mode where you’ll be able to kill enemies yourself. You can also unsummon your hero at any time for later use as well.


One of the biggest features within the game is the ability to build and customize your own castles. This gives you a lot of freedom in how you wish to play the game and allows you to use your creative instincts to try and build an impregnable fortress. There are a lot of customization options when building your own castle ranging from more structural pieces to new rooms for troops and even special rooms to grant you bonuses during battles. The castle editor is incredibly easy to learn and use and lets you build any type of castle you wish. Recruiting new troops will also require you to add new rooms to house these troops as well and each room varies in size from one another. An example would be the standard warrior recruits’ room which is much smaller than the archers room.


Overall, CastleStorm is a very fun game that gives you a wide range of features and uses multiple genres to give you a unique experience throughout the game. It’s wide range of features and its many genres make it an easy game to get into for just about anybody. It’s easy to pick up, play a couple of levels and then put down to continue later. The game has lots of replayability and is easy to recommend to other people.

If you happen to be interested in picking the game up you can find it on Steam for only $9.99/£6.99, well worth the price for the amount of stuff in the game. You can find it’s store page here:

Thanks for reading my review of the game folks and I hope it has shown some insight on the game and its many features. Be sure to visit my own websites and for all my latest reviews and articles, I’ll probably write-up another cross-over article for Calm Down Tom one of these days in the future as well. Happy gaming everybody.

Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

4 different genres of game out of 5

CastleStorm Review (PC), 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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