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Cart Life Review (PC)

cart-life-screenshot-ME3050105969_2Hello, my name is Andrus and I am star of Cart Life. Well, I am one of them. Other star is Melanie. She has problems too, but her’s very different from mine. None of my problems are so bad when I have Mr. Glembovski to keep me company. I’m not allowed pets, but I sneaked Mr. Glembovski into apartment so I am not alone. He is cat, and he is my friend.

Where is Mr. Glembovski? Oh, he is hiding maybe. I will find him later. First I tell you all about Mr Hofmeier’s game. He’s clever and maybe mad and a genius I think.

In my world (same world as game world), there is not so much colour. Everything is black and white. Things the same in Melanie’s world. Every day is same. Get up, hungry and still tired. Find cigarettes. Open newspaper stand. Sell my newspapers. Come home and sleep. It’s hard life. I spend every day working. Every minute I have spare I work harder to save up more. Life is like an RPG game or actually more like simulation, but no swords or dragons, only rent and work and coughing and long walks because I have no money for bus fare.

… I still can’t find Mr. Glembovski…..

Cart LifeAnyway, Mr Hofmeieir has made very grim world for me. He is maybe saying something about American dream or modern working life. All I know is he make things hard for me, and for you too Mr Player. You have to make my life better. This not easy though. You playing game where you not even able to tell time till you go to store and buy watch. That how serious this simulation is. That how little you have to begin with. You have inventory, but you will be surprised how quickly you spend all your money.

You think life hard for me? You just have to look after my cigarette addiction to keep me happy. Well, not just that, also keep me full of food and things or I get sick and sneeze and it make a terrible noise for you. If you play game as Melanie she have little girl to look after. If you mess up life for Andrus then I will be sad, but you will feel real bad if you mess up Melanie’s little girls life. And you will, because this game is so hard.

My life not like Markof Pheonix or Mister Chief. Mines harder. Mines is more like yours. Hard work. Things go wrong.

Cart-Life-1But Mr Hofmeier has made beautiful game. Interesting game. Clever game. It is bleak and has very good design. To give example, at night I have dreams and they are amazing. But each day I come back to life. These dreams are beautiful. All time I hear great music, but music in dreams different. Better.

Everything expensive in my world, but in yours, game is free. I think you should to be playing Cart Life. It is great game. It is not good times, but it is important. Interesting. Clever. Like all art, it makes you feel things. You feel things for me. Like I am real. Like I am person. Like I matter.

Thank you for your reading of this review.

4…. OH, THERE IS Me. GLEMBOVSKI! out of 5

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