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Bloodbath Review (PC)

Stuart proves who is PIT boss in Bloodbath

BattleBloodbath, from Freedom Factory, is an online 3D fighting game that allows you to choose a Mad Max styled character and test your abilities against your opponents. The game at first looked as if it played like an arcade version of WotV of WotR. But it’s less than that. It’s a frantic brawl to determine who is PIT boss.

There is not much in actual gameplay in Bloodbath; there is no single player story or anything which resembles a proper tutorial. When you select training it throws you into the deep end to let you learn from your mistakes and figure out as much as you can on your own. I don’t think it was intentional, if it was then bravo to the developers as it brings a sense of realism to the game. You wouldn’t have your hand held if you were a new recruit in a post-modern gladiator games, everyone would look out for number one. I may be reading too much into it, but I kinda liked making mistakes and learning from them.

FightThe game is quite pretty, visually I mean not the fighting. The playable characters are well designed, and aptly named. The arena backgrounds look detailed and the actual fighting grounds are realistic. The only thing that tops all this is the awesome animations of when you take someones head off. I know that sounds quite graphic, and it is in fact, but it is cool to watch your opponents head depart it’s rightful home with an impressive slice from your gladus. That is, if you use the right move to finish an opponent off of course.

As this is an online multiplayer game, it is kind of disappointing in how few people there are online to play against. This is remedied by the game allowing bots to fill out the other roles. The bots, however, are not easy to beat though. They pull of their actions perfectly and rarely make a mistake. What makes the game that bit more difficult is that the movement of your character is generally slow and very deliberate in their combat. This is personified in the lag between the button presses and the actual movement of your character.

SpecialThe game has many different game modes, one of which is the titular bloodbath. Which is a free for all that sees you get beat up, a lot. My favourite game mode is judgement where you fight to determine who is guilty. Fighting alongside two other warriors against another group of three, to prove their innocence.

My main angst with Bloodbath is that it doesn’t have the ability for splitscreen multiplayer. This game would be awesome as a couch multiplayer. Four contestants and a small arena? You can’t convince me that wouldn’t be a good fighting game experience at home, especially in the free for all combat mode.

Overall, I quite enjoyed Bloodbath. It has a few rough edges with its clumsy controls and lack of splitscreen or story. But as a quick, throw you into the crucible of fire and see if you make it out game? It’s close to perfect. I loved that it didn’t have a proper tutorial, albeit it does have a few screens of information of what some of the controls will do and how to survive a bit longer. The game wont be for most, but if it had split screen ability then it would be a brilliant game for parties. I can’t recommend the game at the moment, but if it had couch multiplayer or some sort of story where you grow through the ranks as a character from PIT puppy to PIT boss, I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

2 Wild slashes out of 5

Bloodbath Review (PC), 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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