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Benjamin’s Flight Review (PS3/PS Vita)

The greatest complement that I can pay Benjamin’s Flight, the first piece of DLC for Mike Bithell’s indie masterpiece, is that it’s more Thomas Was Alone. Everything that made the original game so great is back; The simple, fun gameplay, Danny Wallace’s charming narration, Housden’s fantastic soundtrack and the extraordinary characterisation all return for Benjamin’s Flight.

Benjamin's Flight 3The formula, in Benjamin’s Flight, remains the same. You are presented with a series of different coloured rectangles of varying sizes and abilities then charged with navigating them through the 2D environments to their corresponding portals. However, Benjamin’s ability is a completely fresh one – he has a jetpack. This allows Benjamin to fly through the levels and even carry his companions to their destinations. Some of Benjamin’s own sections present a greater challenge than Thomas Was Alone ever did, requiring more patience and precision than ever. This is compensated for with more frequent checkpoints so that, just like Thomas Was Alone, the game never gets frustrating.

A way in which this piece of DLC exceeds the original lies within the story. Benjamin’s Flight features a much simpler and more endearing tale of Benjamin’s quest to reach ‘the fountain.’ This quest is much easier to follow than Thomas’ and always feels like it is ramping up to a big conclusion. The ending will even tug at your heart strings.

Benjamin's Flight 1The only criticism that one could possibly aim at Benjamin’s Flight is its length. I completed it in around 25 minutes, even with a few sections that took me a couple of tries, which is pretty short. However, for only £1.99 it isn’t too bad considering how enjoyable an experience it is and it is exactly that – an experience.

The easiest way for me to sum up Benjamin’s Flight is that, if you enjoyed Thomas Was Alone, then you absolutely must play this. Sure, it’s pretty short but it accomplishes so much in a small period of time that it’s totally forgivable. And, in many ways, I enjoyed Benjamin’s Flight even more than Thomas Was Alone.

Benjamin's Flight Review (PS3/PS Vita), 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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