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7 Grand Steps Review (PC)

7 Grand Steps 2Chaotic tells us about a very different type of game.

7 Grand Steps is most certainly not an ordinary game. No flashy animations, no prescribed path that you need to take, no cities you need to build, nor ones you need to conquer. There’s not even any enemies trying to stop your mission, or guides to aid you. It is a game where you need to build your own family that continues to grow – hair after hair. Quite simply, you need to build your dynasty and your path throughout time and see how your knowledge and wealth grow over the years.

If you imagine playing a board game where you collect tokens and put them to use, and you face the consequences of your decisions, this is what 7 Grand Steps feels like. The game starts with you ataking the first steps in humanity. Your character simply starts collecting resources and putting them to use – by advancing in the civilization.

7 Grand Steps 3Throughout the game you have a few goals – continue your blood line, advance socially and discover great things – such as the alphabet for example. You do that by collecting tokens (resources) which are the main element of the game. Those tokens can be used to collect “Legend points”, and when you reach the maximum Legend points you discover something new. You can also grow socially or be a hero, depending on the options you take.

While you are trying to build up your “legend” you also need to find a partner with whom you build your blood line. The children you create are the ones who will take over after you grow old and retire (or die of old age…). When this happens it is vital that you “fed” them the right knowledge as it will then affect what resources they produce. Each token in the game signifies a resource – Alphabet, Mathematics, Sailing… etc. You produce these tokens, well… by mating – with your partner or the other players of the game. You make the most tokens with your partner, and the resources that come out of them depend on what your knowledge is. For example if the child has achieved A+ in sailing and D in Mathematics, the tokens they will produce when they take over will be mainly in the sailing department. However, if they mate with someone who is strong in Alphabet and Astrology – the chance of achieving those will be stronger. If both partners are very weak in Mathematics, though, they have a very slim chance of producing any tokens there.

At one point the family grows old and the heir needs to continue the path of the family. The game starts over, but now the player has more sets of skills to play with and perhaps a different path for the family to follow.

7 Grand Steps 4At this point of the game, the player get sto choose the personality of their main character which will also lead to a different set of challenges and stories related to the family.

Furthermore, unlike the beginning of the game, ever time the player starts a new chapter with the family, they get to choose to whom they get married.

Although, this is not so strong in the beginning of the game, it becomes more and more important as you go along, because without the right capabilities it will be impossible for your dynasty to grow and prosper. These are just part of the decisions the player will have to make in order to succeed in the game.

The game is turn based and there is no multiplayer at the moment, which makes it quite lonely and frankly boring after many hours of play. However it is also very interesting, which can make you lose many hours in one day. Although you are moving throughout time in the game, you kind of stop feeling time when you are playing. Which does explain where my Friday disappeared.

7 Grand Steps 5The game needs good strategic thinking and planning ahead, much like most board games, and this style of gameplay is quite interesting. During the game you will encounter lovers (with whom your marriage is more productive), foes (who can slow you down and bring a little diversity in the game), and ally’s (who help you in your journey). However, I do believe this game will be much more fun if it was actually board game and allowed you to play with your friends. I can imagine that it could make a pretty interesting weekend get together, but for PC it can get quite repetitive without the intrigue and strategy that will be in place if you were playing with your friends.

My verdict is that although I did quite enjoy playing 7 Grand Steps for several hours, I did get quite repetitive at a certain stage, which will not be a problem if you are playing with several people, but can be quite dull if you are just playing yourself. The game is perfect for people who enjoy playing strategy games and exploring stories, as well as a bit of history. It is a relaxing game, for anyone who enjoys casual gaming every now and again. However, if you are a fan of fast-paced action with flashy animations and effects, perhaps this is not quite the game for you.

7 Grand Steps Review (PC), 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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