• Harley enjoys the the Jazz music as he eludes his pursuers

    Third Eye Crime FOVThird Eye Crime is brought to us from some of the ex-Bungie employees that have gotten together to create Moonshot Games. It’s an interesting puzzler game, in which you have to progress through various building, set up like a maze, whilst hiding or outrunning various guards you hope to not meet along the way. The view is top down, giving you an overview of the levels in which you try and carve a path through.

    Its 1920s wanna be a gangsta sound and feel appeals to me. It’s language, simple Jazz Piano music and it’s comic book story telling is a fusion of L.A. Noire and Sin City, and it works really well. You play as the protagonist Rothko, a master thief who gets into trouble when an encounter with a damsel in distress, turn femme fatale, leaves him in a whole heap of trouble that will see his skills put to the test.

    Third Eye Crime TimerThe comic book story introduction allows you to swipe through the pages to continue reading until you start the level. The game developers don’t just force you to jump straight in, they allow you to delve deeper into the story. There’s a great introduction to the game to get you used to the controls. As I said previously, it’s a top down view puzzler. You see where you need to go and the various guards that stand in your way. Their visions are set out in blue, to allow you to know when your going to be seen and where to avoid. The idea is to trace out your route and avoid getting captured. You are able to cancel the route and set up a new one if you think all is not going to plan. Although, at times it’s just unavoidable that a guard is going to see you. Once that happens you have to get out of sight. Areas will then appear red revealing where the guard is going la-et-third-eye-crimeto check. You get items along the way to help you, like triggering an alarm to get the guards to go to a particular area while you sneak past. Or a speed boost, to allow you to outrun the guards.

    There are three acts in the game. With this review I had access to the first act, but you’ll be required to purchase the other acts to continue the story of the game. Overall, Third Eye Crime is a great puzzler with an added extra benefit – which I liked. If a particular level has you stuck then the games option to skip will be your saving grace. Which was a relief as a certain level was beginning to grind my gears.

    3.5 hiding places out of 5

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