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  • ThumbnailOne of the things that make video games excellent is their imagination. What is even better is when a video game allows you to put your imagination into practice along with it. This is the case in Besiege, a […]

  • ThumbnailThe Dark Knight we can safely say – regardless of what medium he is in – is always awesome, and that includes when he is made of LEGO bricks. Given that there has already been two LEGO Batman games, the third ones […]

  • Velocity2X5I have a need, a need for speed! Thankfully Velocity 2X fills that need quite nicely. Your recent addition of September’s PlayStation Plus freebie is frankly the digital sci-fi incarnation of speed.

    While you’ll be thinking “Tam this is a free game just now (so long as it is still September and you have PS Plus) why should I listen to you and not just download it anyway?” Well you have a good point there, yet I can guarantee you have games you’ve downloaded and never played or spent five minutes on and gave up on. I know I have. Yet Velocity is one of those games you should spend time on.

    If you’re reading this after September then please keep reading as the same applies to you too. You will want to spend time playing this joyous, nitrous filled game. I’m going on about speed a lot which I will get to but let’s start from the start to let you appreciate things better.

    Velocity2X4You play a daring female space pilot, who inadvertently is sucked into a part of the galaxy far from Earth. You stumble across a race who need your help with their oppressors, your coincidental enemies who have augmented your body in experiments, before you undertake an exciting escape.

    There are two main level types you play through across fifty levels. One type is in your ship and the other is running around the inside of complexes and ships, or sometimes both during the course of a single level. You start at a sedate pace with the first level being your basic move and shoot style, yet at the very beginning an important yet understated control is introduced, the ‘Sprint’ button.

    This button when piloting your ship speeds up the screen, advancing upwards and allowing you to travel faster. It also lets you run faster and jump further when you’re on foot. What they neglect to mention is this button should glued down the instant a level starts.

    Velocity2X3When you complete a level you are scored in three or four sections: time, rescues, crystals and points. Now if you are skilled at the game getting the points, rescues and crystals to full is very easy. It is the time that is the killer with this game. You need to be going full speed throughout to hit the max tier for time. This is the one major point that will make you replay each level time and time again. You could replay and shave seconds off your time, yet be half a minute out from the first tier.

    You have two weapons while in your ship an on foot. Your ship, which is able to fire forward and pick up special shots as you kill enemies, then bombs that you control with the right analogue stick to fire to the sides and behind you. On foot your main weapon is your augmented arm that is now a laser machine gun that lets you shoot 360 degrees, though you can’t use it while running which is annoying to no end. You do however gain a rifle you can fire horizontally while at speed which makes up for things.

    Velocity2X2Regardless of the weapons, speed and lightning reflexes, you also need to have a memory and deductive mind of Sherlock Holmes to overcome the extra abilities you unlock as you progress.

    You have your basics of sprinting and shooting as I’ve said. Yet as you progress you unlock a short range teleporter to shift about the levels as yourself and ship. The ships teleporter is controllable to a good degree of range and direction, but this can be a pain as you sometimes need to teleport to a location that can only be seen just as you’re about to be crushed. Yet it is simpler when on foot as you can only move a short range in four directions. This will get difficult quickly as jumps, mines and laser walls are introduced to make your timing requirements very tough. There even comes a need to teleport through enemies to disable their shields before you can blast them away with your rifle.

    Velocity2X1All in all with the great graphic novel level intros and the nice little story and wit the protagonist displays, Veocity 2X is an engaging experience. I was glued to it till I was at level thirty six, then I realised I should really write something before I get to the end and spoil it for everyone here.

    So in the end, get it, play it and cry when you’re seconds off achieving a perfect score, but then feel like a skilled god as you rocket and teleport through a level of lasers and near mazes in under thirty seconds.

    4.5(x) out of 5

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