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Stuart Gillies

  • ThumbnailEver wondered what it is like to be a god? No? Not that self indulged I see. Well I certainly have, and I thought “why not test my almighty-ness”. I got a chance to be omnipotent with Idol Hands from Green Man […]

  • ThumbnailStu jams out with some adorable critters

    Pix the Cat is an addictive, infuriating mesh of Snake and Pac Man… on acid. It’s been out for a while on PS4 and PS Vita, but it has only just been released on PC. […]

  • ThumbnailStuart builds a whole new world

    I really liked the look of JIW-Games, Rising World. It is an open world, sandbox, resource gathering and building game, without the block styling of minecraft. The game is still […]

  • ThumbnailStuart and Tom reflect on a year of waiting in 2014

    Is this the year of the gamer? I had to ask myself this due to so many things hitting the gaming news headlines; such as day 1 patches, postponements, […]

  • Disagree with most of the lists here. In the categories of Best open world and best Remake it would have been more interesting to see which ones you felt brought the best to their fields, rather than the best overall game that has those aspects. I’d agree with the winners of each of those categories, Shadow of Mordor and GTA V respectively, if…[Read more]

  • Mages ftw! :) Freddy prince Jnr. is the boss in this! I watched videos of him doing the voice of Iron Bull. It was awesome! Dudes, Cinelinks is closer to Dominos than Scrabble.

  • Had never heard of Yo-Kai warriors. Wish there was a UK release for it! Have fun with GTA V. Also no mention of me for GTA, Pokemon or DAI?

  • ThumbnailStuart tries to unravel the mysteries of Dead Island

    Escape Dead Island is an action adventure game. It is also an informal island exploration game but I’ll get back to that. The game is a colourful mix of cell […]

  • ThumbnailKenny Campbell says Rovio has 800 Employees, and they made Floppy Plane.

    Having a 2 hour commute and a new LG G3 to fill with content I thought I would brave the Google Play store since the clones have been […]

  • Beautiful game! I got to try it out at the Namco Preview day at EGX and it was near perfect. Totally agree with the score.

  • ThumbnailNetflix for gaming. What’s not to love?

    I was lucky enough to catch up with two of the OnLive dudes for a wee chat about their product and their vision of its future. They had to put up with some of my […]

  • ThumbnailMike and Stuart wish they could rewind to the start of EGX

    Life is Strange was Square Enix’s prime unveiling at a press event held at a private venue just outside EGX in London. Originally announced in early […]

  • I was already thinking of buying Hyrule Warriors. This review has solidified the purchase!

  • ThumbnailThe Original team Red vs Blue is back, Take that Master Chief and your Spartans!!! – Jon Defazio

    Making a comeback after a 12 year hiatus is Z Steel Soldier, an RTS that follows on from the original Z. After […]

  • ThumbnailStuart is Commando Jack, or so he wishes

    Commando Jack, a game a legend. Commando Jack is the titular character in Colossal Games new tower defence game. Commando Jack has you play as tough, shoot first and ask […]

  • ThumbnailStuart asks if Kick Ass 2 is as it’s name suggests?

    Kick Ass 2 from Freedom Factory, is a comic book game of the Kick Ass 2 Movie. The title has finally arrived on the PC scene. Has the long wait allowed the […]

  • ThumbnailKieran David Sephton is left to fend for himself on an island…

    Beginning Betrayer, you find yourself washed up on the shore in amongst the flotsam of the ship that, presumably, you were on. There’s no sign of […]

  • Stephen hits the little red button

    TurningAs soon as I had gotten my hands on Jet Car stunts, I just wanted to begin veering into barriers (as I do with every racing game) just to see the car crash and burn. Ok, it may not burn, but man does the car explode beautifully! I may have done that a good number of times. After farting about, playing the game was actually more fun. Using the jets for jumps and the airbrake for more control in the air.

    There are only 3 game modes to play through; Platforming, Time Trial and Collector. Platforming is the bread and butter of this game, it’s the sole reason you’d come back to this game again and again! The levels are devilish, you’ll definitely be needing your wits to get to the end of some of these. Time Trial is basically racing around a circuit track on your lonesome with Casper constantly on your ass. This is the usual affair, fly round the circuit and beat your Turning Righttime. This is as close to multiplayer action you will get. Collector works by putting stars in almost impossible to reach places an making you collect them to continue to the next stage. The Platforming and Time Trial sections have a progressive ghost adversarial system, where you will go head to head against a player’s ghost close to your ranking in the level.

    The car physics and thrust mechanism is the main player here, using a mixture of gliding and driving to great effect. This game does seem to move away from the cliches of it’s peers. I would say there was a number of similarities to a great racer that is close to my heart called Re-volt. A little RC kart ‘em up, which had time trials, ghost cars, even down to the collect the stars in crazy locations. Although, Re-volt didn’t have any car that had a huge rocket attached to its arse! So maybe Jetcar wins that, but Re-volt was made in 1999, 15 years ago on systems that barely even knew what internet gaming was, it had up to 4 players on consoles and up to 12 players on PC. Yet, in 2014, Jet Car has no multiplayer support. This is a bit of a let down on the developers part. The Starsaddition of multiplayer to this game would open it up to a larger audience, this being people with friends, and making this game a million (best guess) times more fun playing with mates.

    Although this is a really fun game, I feel that there are too many little niggles. Such as the music starting to grate after the first couple of hours. Also the visuals, where the same textures are used throughout the whole game, those being white, green, orange, blue, red colours on the 3D constructs. This felt very same-y after a while and I eventually tired of the game. Not so much the gameplay, but the overall atmosphere of the game. A lack of real time multiplayer and repetitive music and visuals cut down this overall very fun arcade-y racer.

    3 crashes out of 5

  • Stuarts most anticipated game of 2014, but what has it lost?

    PresidenteI have had a long time to review Tropico 5 from Haemimont Games. It is the successor to the popular city/island builder series Tropico and it has a lot more on offer than previous iterations including multiplayer, increased graphics and added in-game features. Will Haemimont’s added features be enough to bring fans back to buying what could possibly be the same game?

    Taking steps towards a dynasty builder, Tropico 5 allows you to have a family for a first time in the series. These family members play an important role in the progress of your island. They offer bonuses, seperate to the ones that are currently in place by your character, that help development as well as making them good choices for managers for the buildings.

    IdyllicA lot has changed from the previous Tropicos. One is that this game is far more serious. This has taken away from the main hook of the previous games: their charm and lack of caring at who they really offend. However, this game is genuinely a better city/island builder than the Tropicos of yesteryear. Each type of building has its own upgrades, which sometimes have to be researched (which is done by your library). You are also able to make use of trade routes with other countries or smugglers. These can be for you to export a certain resource or for you to have resources imported. Most are profitable but at a real sense of total control and management of the island.

    The main difference in this game is the amount of control. Before, you were plonked onto an island, able to build whatever buildings you wanted and you could issue edicts and side with factions. But in Tropico 5 you are able to write up a constitution upon ending the colonial rule, albeit with only a few choices. You are also able to start a family who rule the island, who also contribute to its development through being a manager or just by being around. You are also able to explore the island for the first time, venturing out into the fog ridden island to discover its hidden wonders. This is done by sending an exploration crew, consisting of soldiers either from a nearby fort or from your palace. This is at a cost though, not just monetary but also military. For instance, if you are attacked, say by some Royalist scum, then you are almost defenceless. The purpose of this added control though, I assume, is to give you greater sense of achievement when you do well. Not just in terms of meeting the campaigns demands but also if your island flourishes under your rule.

    Combat 2Combat is a bit better in this game than the last. For one thing it is much clearer to see. Also you are able to attack buildings when in multiplayer mode. The combat during single player campaign also makes use of the attacks on buildings, mainly done by your opponents on your guard towers and forts. The colonial combat is pretty funny, watching them fire shots every 10 seconds as they have to reload their weapons after each shot.

    The changing of era is really nice, I like starting off the island with the workers having to tow trolleys behind them as they run to build a new building. You feel more involved with the development of the island. One way this is done is by you having to get out from the shadow of the crown. As you start in the colonial era, and you are put in charge of the island as governor, you have to meet certain requirements given to you by the crown. This might sound counter productive, but as long as you increase the amount of revolutionaries on the island you should be ok.

    GraphicsVisually, this game is stunning. On high specs it looks beautiful and the effects like wind and waves are really nice. A lot of detail is gone into the look of the game. Which is probably why the developers have opted for a hollow grid look for the best areas to place buildings as opposed to the filled in grid that came before. I really didn’t like this, it makes it far more difficult to read the lay of the land. This is about the only thing in the game I really didn’t like. The menus look a lot like a polished version of Imperialism. The placing of the cross to close them is at the bottom right. This really got under my skin at first, but after a while you get used to it.

    Sadly, the foot tapping music has also left. This was one of the first things I noticed, after a few songs the sad realisation that the happy music I listened to at length in Tropico 4 has been removed. Replaced by a similar style of music but nowhere near as upbeat.

    CharactersOverall, this is probably the best game in the Tropico series, and one of the best city builders currently available. However, it has lost a lot of its fun to cater for a wider market. As a city/island almost dynasty builder, this is pretty spot on. I hate the fact that it’s not as fun or as upbeat, but I guess they were put to the side in the name of progress. Yes, this is not a totally different game to the prequels in the series but it still makes use of most of their features such as quick button commands to select different things to build. It has the same general look about it too, but it smoothed some of the rough edges out.

    4.5 Profitable trade routes out of 5

  • Stuart proves who is PIT boss in Bloodbath

    BattleBloodbath, from Freedom Factory, is an online 3D fighting game that allows you to choose a Mad Max styled character and test your abilities against your opponents. The game at first looked as if it played like an arcade version of WotV of WotR. But it’s less than that. It’s a frantic brawl to determine who is PIT boss.

    There is not much in actual gameplay in Bloodbath; there is no single player story or anything which resembles a proper tutorial. When you select training it throws you into the deep end to let you learn from your mistakes and figure out as much as you can on your own. I don’t think it was intentional, if it was then bravo to the developers as it brings a sense of realism to the game. You wouldn’t have your hand held if you were a new recruit in a post-modern gladiator games, everyone would look out for number one. I may be reading too much into it, but I kinda liked making mistakes and learning from them.

    FightThe game is quite pretty, visually I mean not the fighting. The playable characters are well designed, and aptly named. The arena backgrounds look detailed and the actual fighting grounds are realistic. The only thing that tops all this is the awesome animations of when you take someones head off. I know that sounds quite graphic, and it is in fact, but it is cool to watch your opponents head depart it’s rightful home with an impressive slice from your gladus. That is, if you use the right move to finish an opponent off of course.

    As this is an online multiplayer game, it is kind of disappointing in how few people there are online to play against. This is remedied by the game allowing bots to fill out the other roles. The bots, however, are not easy to beat though. They pull of their actions perfectly and rarely make a mistake. What makes the game that bit more difficult is that the movement of your character is generally slow and very deliberate in their combat. This is personified in the lag between the button presses and the actual movement of your character.

    SpecialThe game has many different game modes, one of which is the titular bloodbath. Which is a free for all that sees you get beat up, a lot. My favourite game mode is judgement where you fight to determine who is guilty. Fighting alongside two other warriors against another group of three, to prove their innocence.

    My main angst with Bloodbath is that it doesn’t have the ability for splitscreen multiplayer. This game would be awesome as a couch multiplayer. Four contestants and a small arena? You can’t convince me that wouldn’t be a good fighting game experience at home, especially in the free for all combat mode.

    Overall, I quite enjoyed Bloodbath. It has a few rough edges with its clumsy controls and lack of splitscreen or story. But as a quick, throw you into the crucible of fire and see if you make it out game? It’s close to perfect. I loved that it didn’t have a proper tutorial, albeit it does have a few screens of information of what some of the controls will do and how to survive a bit longer. The game wont be for most, but if it had split screen ability then it would be a brilliant game for parties. I can’t recommend the game at the moment, but if it had couch multiplayer or some sort of story where you grow through the ranks as a character from PIT puppy to PIT boss, I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

    2 Wild slashes out of 5

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