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    Beautiful game! I got to try it out at the Namco Preview day at EGX and it was near perfect. Totally agree with the score.

  • ThumbnailNetflix for gaming. What’s not to love?

    I was lucky enough to catch up with two of the OnLive dudes for a wee chat about their product and their vision of its future. They had to put up with some of my […]

  • ThumbnailMike and Stuart wish they could rewind to the start of EGX

    Life is Strange was Square Enix’s prime unveiling at a press event held at a private venue just outside EGX in London. Originally announced in early […]

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    I was already thinking of buying Hyrule Warriors. This review has solidified the purchase!

  • ThumbnailThe Original team Red vs Blue is back, Take that Master Chief and your Spartans!!! – Jon Defazio

    Making a comeback after a 12 year hiatus is Z Steel Soldier, an RTS that follows on from the original Z. After […]

  • ThumbnailStuart is Commando Jack, or so he wishes

    Commando Jack, a game a legend. Commando Jack is the titular character in Colossal Games new tower defence game. Commando Jack has you play as tough, shoot first and ask […]

  • ThumbnailStuart asks if Kick Ass 2 is as it’s name suggests?

    Kick Ass 2 from Freedom Factory, is a comic book game of the Kick Ass 2 Movie. The title has finally arrived on the PC scene. Has the long wait allowed the […]

  • ThumbnailKieran David Sephton is left to fend for himself on an island…

    Beginning Betrayer, you find yourself washed up on the shore in amongst the flotsam of the ship that, presumably, you were on. There’s no sign of […]

  • Stephen hits the little red button

    TurningAs soon as I had gotten my hands on Jet Car stunts, I just wanted to begin veering into barriers (as I do with every racing game) just to see the car crash and burn. Ok, it may not burn, but man does the car explode beautifully! I may have done that a good number of times. After farting about, playing the game…[Read more]

  • Stuarts most anticipated game of 2014, but what has it lost?

    PresidenteI have had a long time to review Tropico 5 from Haemimont Games. It is the successor to the popular city/island builder series Tropico and it has a lot more on offer than previous iterations including multiplayer, increased graphics and added in-game features. Will Haemimont’s added…[Read more]

  • Stuart proves who is PIT boss in Bloodbath

    BattleBloodbath, from Freedom Factory, is an online 3D fighting game that allows you to choose a Mad Max styled character and test your abilities against your opponents. The game at first looked as if it played like an arcade version of WotV of WotR. But it’s less than that. It’s a frantic brawl to determine…[Read more]

  • Bryan goes a bit Snooker Loopy.

    Taking a shotAs a fan of sports game in general, it’s an exciting prospect to get to grips with any new incarnations of a snooker game. Pool games seem to be commonplace on all platforms, but snooker fails to get the same level of representation. Developed by a fairly small studio of five, at Big Head Games, International…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailCharlie is fighting Marines and… catching butterflies?

    Unlimited World Red, from Ganbarion, is an adventure battling game aimed primarily at fans of the One Piece anime. The world this game is set in is mostly […]

  • Want a game that could have been so much more?

    SurfingHow to Train Your Dragon 2, from Torus Games, is a movie tie in of the same name. It does not however play out the story of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Instead, it is a decent flying game where you play as one of the main protagonists as you take part in a series of mini games that tries to call…[Read more]

  • Alan enjoys his childhood pass time, whilst defending from zombies…

    puzzle 4At last a zombie game that gives us what they’ve truly been lacking. Jigsaw puzzles! There’s nothing worse than watching a zombie movie and being frustrated by the lack of realism in it. They go to the trouble of explaining the outbreak with legitimate science and reason and…[Read more]

  • Stuart gets increasingly infuriated with Ascendant

    StandingAscendant, from Hapa Games, is a 2D Roguelike Brawler that will punish you for the slightest mistake. I like difficult games, but this is more of a frustration with the game rather than an ineptitude on my part. A lot of the time you’ll be over run by a horde or come face to face with a far…[Read more]

  • Kieran gets to explore some Retro styled Canyons.

    Capers 32D Platformers have been around for a long time, pretty much since the dawn of gaming, but a lot of the older ones are forgotten. Dino Jnr. in Canyon Capers was one of those forgotten games, personally I never played it despite being a fan of the genre (I was much too young at the time and it…[Read more]

  • Stuart get’s a little territorial of where MMO’s should be

    ArenaAnimas Online is my first review for iPad. I have to say that I am impressed. I have played a lot of MMORPG’s in my time, but this one is my first built for iPad and I was a little hesitant at first. The game uses big clear buttons for the interface so that us ham handed people are able…[Read more]

  • Stuart plays out his fantasy of running a Galactic Empire as he chooses who should revel in his benevolence.

    4_1763The Last Federation has you play as the last Hydral of it’s kind. His race basically enslaved the entire galaxy, until the oppressed mutinied and took control over their home planets once again. So now, as the last of your kind, you have…[Read more]

  • Transistor_19-mar-2013_04Abandon hope all ye whom expect anything short of the full 5 stars for Transistor. It’s what it deserves and rightly so. I’ll cover the sum of its parts in more detail throughout the review, but if you want the short version, it’s as close to perfection in a video game that I’ve seen for quite some time. Supergiant are a small, exceptionally…[Read more]

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