• ThumbnailIain loses himself crafting

    At first glance, Lantern Forge seems to be another generic isometric craft-and-survive. For some this wouldn’t be a bad thing but I know that most of us tend to look for something a […]

  • Gabriel Knight is a classic point and click adventure originally written by Jane Jensen and released by Sierra On-Line. The 20th Anniversary Edition is designed to be a complete revamp of the game with updated […]

  • ThumbnailSo, for those who don’t know, Space Engineers is a space based resource collection and building game developed by Keen Software House that’s in Early Access. It arrived on Steam in a creative-only state in October […]

  • Ok. Let me first say this. This game is one of the scariest, most atmospheric horrors I have played. It’s up there with Slender. I have never been so genuinely uncomfortable while playing a game. Right. You want more? Here we go…


    Does that give you some idea of what you’re about to read about? This health warning is the first thing you…[Read more]

  • SoManyMe5So Many Me is a puzzle platformer from A.R.E.S: Extinction developer Extend Studio in which your hero, Filo, discovers he can control clones of himself. He must use these clones to save the world from a terrible evil. All with me so far? Good. Now here’s where it gets interesting.

    The cartoon style visuals and cutesy sound design had me…[Read more]

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  • AbyssOdysseyAbyss Odessy is a 2D Rogue-like adventure game for both PC and consoles by Chilean developer Ace Team. Having never played the console versions I cannot include them in the scope of this review, however, if they’re even half the game that the PC version is then I recommend trying them out. But I’m getting ahead of myself. So What’s the story…[Read more]