• Star Wars: Battlefront is really fun. I tried to view it through a number of different lenses. As a Battlefield game in the Star Wars universe, is it any good? Does it measure up to the scope and scale of the […]

  • Call of Duty is a series that has split and reformed a few times now. With two developers working on the franchise entries, albeit each with their own distinct branch, it can be hard to keep up with which entry we […]

  • Creativity, energy, vibrancy and a twisted, manic sense of humour. And genuine ambition. Not compliments normally thrown at a Call of Duty game, but all of these superlatives apply to Call of Duty : Black Ops 3. A […]

  • Few genres of games justify an annual release, but the constant stream of pop music good enough to dance to means Just Dance is a welcome yearly visitor. This year, Just Dance brings a few new features as well as […]

  • A world of perpetual night and twilight. That’s what Need for Speed offers you. It’s a wise decision, but also an unnerving one. Having crafted a game that looks most beautiful at night, you never see the game […]

  • My poor pinky. All those years of guitar her and Rockband made it stronger than it had ever been. It was ready to rock just as hard as ring finger, flippy the middle finger or pointy pointerson. Now pinky is no […]

  • Glitches eh? That’s what we were all expecting in this years new Assassin’s Creed. Last years Parisian outing was a freak show of broken level geometry, flickering, fucked up animation and failing, flat-lining AI. […]

  • Persona 4 is a tremendous game. Perhaps the best JRPG of all time, it combines the mundane with the supernatural, and somehow makes both equally appealing. The day to day interactions at school that from social […]

  • Phantom Pain is the latest in this years long list of mono-games. Mono-games are long, expansive, deep, demanding games that ask for a lot of time and commitment from the player. To see and do everything within […]

  • The Danganronpa series is quite unlike anything else you’ve ever played. Or read. The first two games were very text heavy, with ports to mobile omitting the gameplay sections completely to make them into visual […]

  • Lost Dimension is a modest, fairly original turn based JRPG, but it punches above its weight by combining two (or possibly three) fashionable sub genres together into one. With turn based combat that evokes […]

  • There’s no new music, just old tunes – already written into our souls – that we rediscover when we hear them.

    So I’m listening to this (you can stop after the first 30 seconds if it’s not floating your […]

  • The Swindle has a pretty solid central idea. One hundred days to pull off a big heist. Each day is a life as you attempt to pull off smaller heists to get the money and equipment you need for that final big score. […]

  • Gunpoint by Tom Francis was a clever 2D stealth game that had a unique stop-start rhythm, and a clever central idea: pause the game and hack stuff to progress without killing anyone. It was of course more complex […]

  • There are things I could (and will) critisize about Deception IV, but one of them won’t be paucity of content. Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is an updated version of Deception IV: Blood Ties. As such it […]

  • Here’s the 35 most exciting trailers at E3. And we put them all on one page, because we’re not awful.

    I’ve included my thoughts on each. Other opinions are available.

    *As ever, we have prioritized games that […]

  • ThumbnailWhile 2015 might be an incredibly diverse year for games, there’s one place area where games are getting MORE alike. The homogenization of game controls is a strange thing, but over time, we’ve come to accept that […]

  • ThumbnailAs genre mashups go, stealth and turn based strategy don’t seem like the most obvious candidates to be smooshed together. Stealth is defined by the tense, breathless moments when a guard walks by while you skulk […]

  • ThumbnailIt’s impossible to see Shovel Knight in action and not think of the classic NES platformers that shaped our hobby. There’s an authenticity in the game that’s absent in the pixelated 2D platformers you see flooding […]

  • Why are so many games developers poor?

    Skyrim mods are so great!
    Fishing, and faces clean as can be
    Now they want my cash?
    They won’t get a single penny from me

    Give the creator some money
    But it used to […]

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