• ThumbnailAndrew Reid sets out “How To Succeed In JRPGs Without Really Trying”

    Fairy Fencer F reminds you that the ultimate goal of most video games is to make money, and that to accomplish this, you must sell as many […]

  • Yes, all of what you just read in the title above is true. It’s a real thing.

    I spoke with Raymond Fiel, the creator of Player which has a pilot coming to BBC Radio Scotland soon. Here’s what he told me about the show.

    Player is a new sitcom pilot commissioned by BBC Radio Scotland written by Raymond Friel and produced by…[Read more]

  • It has been a while now since I took the trip over le continent to Cologne for Gamescom. For anyone who hasn’t been, hopefully I’ll try and describe what to expect and what I enjoyed about this years event.
    The city
    Cologne is a fantastic city. The beer is fairly cheap in comparison to most European cities and the hotels are reasonable too. As…[Read more]

  • Commander Kieran Sephton on Deck!

    Mission Briefing:
    Codename: Vector Thrust
    Location: Top Secret
    ****EYES ONLY****

    Alright pilots, you’ve been selected as the elite required to form the basis of operation codename ‘Vector Thrust’. The information being released to you is on a need to know basis and marked eyes only. Any perpetrators from…[Read more]

  • GangBeasts5Gang Beasts makes people shout at the screen. It’s one of those games. You’ll shout at the game. You’ll shout at each other. You’ll laugh. Someone will throw something. Alliances will be formed then instantly broken. Everyone will hate each other. Most importantly though, everyone will have fun. More fun than they can remember having in a…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailCharlie Reilly’s heart strings get tugged

    Mega Coin squad is a look back to classic arcade games and tugs at the heart strings of those brought up with platformer games. Heavily influenced by games like Super […]

  • AritanaAritana and the Harpy’s Feather does not feel like a modern game. There’s a weird earnestness to this platforming throwback, and even if it feels a bit old fashioned, you never get the sense that the developer is cynical. Rather, Aritana is a bit creaky and backwards in a way that’s almost endearing. It’s occasionally fun, but there’s a naivety to…[Read more]

  • ToastTimeTam Eley is Toasty!

    When you think of Toast Time, you immediately think of getting some toast and a cuppa, yet the small team at Force Of Habit have decided Toast Time refers to a pixeled toaster firing a torrent of toasted, baked goods at enemies. Hell, playing as a toaster that slowly unlocks an arsenal of yummy pixel death had me interested…[Read more]

  • I can’t even art. I wouldn’t know an art if it arted in my general direction.

    But I know how to get started with arting. It’s with these videos by my pal Paul Scott Canavan. Paul is art director at Blazing Griffin and a prolific freelance illustrator who is as keen on teaching and sharing knowledge as he is on creating amazing work.

    He’s…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailIt’s been said before, but when you can’t write about a game because you can’t stop playing it, it’s probably because it’s pretty good. While I can’t say I loved every moment of Halfway, there was this constant […]

  • Getting surprises through the mail is fun. You probably like Geeky stuff if you’re reading this. So is Loot Crate a good way to get surprising geeky stuff in the post?

    We give our verdict on Loot Crate. Worth […]

  • “Who the fuck is this Zoe Quinn? What is it that she has supposedly done and why the hell should I even care?”

    That’s what one of my friends asked me yesterday on FaceBook. Where to start? How could I explain without making my friend get as depressed as I already was? Should I send her a link to the Reddit page where literally hundreds of…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailNippon Ichi is a genius. I might sound like I don’t like the Disgaea series in this review, but I respect the utter insanity of the games, and it’s eccentric creator is a genuine auteur. Disgaea 4 is more strange, […]

  • Charlotte Brewster has flipped and flopped. Have you?

    EA is a company that is Marmite. You either love it or hate it. Everyone has their reasons for feeling one way or the other but there has been a noticeable outcry against EA within online communities and forums due to the upcoming release of their latest installment of The Sims™ franchise.…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailGordon Lockhart hopes The Evil Within will scare his pants off.

    Times have been hard for fans of survival-horror. We each recall the glory years of the PS1 and PS2 period, where we revelled in a golden era of […]

  • We thought this looked pretty neat. Ben has been chasing up the devs about Oculus support and we’ll let you know what they say!

  • ThumbnailThere’s something hugely satisfying about being tiny. Whether it’s those giant bathroom levels that people made in the 90’s for Unreal Tournament and Quake, or a breakfast table with cereal boxes and spilled milk […]

  • ThumbnailAlex Cleary awakes to find himself in a Dark Wood.

    Darkwood is a top-down survival horror game by indie developer Acid Wizard Studio, and even in its alpha version the game looks beautifully grim and fearsome. […]

  • PurePool4Tam Eley tells us quite a lot about his private habits in this Pure Pool Review.

    Pool, the game played by students en-mass as they ignore deadlines and enjoy a few pints and have a laugh. The sport you grow too serious about as you start to win, or even when you just can’t seem to get any shot working for you. Well now you can enjoy this…[Read more]

  • CryptoftheNecrodancer (1)Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss. When the beat kicks in during your first play session of Crypt of the NecroDancer, it seems like the most natural thing in the world. Moving your little dungeon crawling sprite in time with the music instinctively feels good. It makes sense. It makes you wonder why no one has made a rhythm-action dungeon crawling RPG…[Read more]

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