• ThumbnailTony tells us about the highs and lows of the Play Expo.

    Game Expo is the North’s ‘biggest and most diverse video gaming expo…’ boasting a plethora of things to see and do. So in the queue on a balmy Saturday […]

  • ThumbnailChar Brewster solves the mystery of “Was Gabriel Knight a classic”

    Some of you reading this review will be familiar with the Gabriel Knight series and some of you will not. I was part of the latter. Gabriel […]

  • ThumbnailKieran Sephton is a (mega) man on a mission

    Launching into A.R.E.S Extinction Agenda EX (or just A.R.E.S for in short) you’re greeted by a fast paced, punchy and raucous soundtrack and really, this sets the […]

  • ThumbnailAlly Hay does work experience as a cookie monster??

    Fenix Rage wears its inspiration on its sleeve, and does so proudly. Green Lava Studios takes what Super Meat Boy made popular and manages to succeed in […]

  • ThumbnailStefan Braekkan takes a field trip to Mordor and tells us whether we should visit too.

    The first impression that Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor gives is not a particularly strong one – in many ways, it can seem […]

  • ThumbnailAndrew Reid is alive, dressed and about to tell you about a very odd game.

    Woe. Woe to the PR manager who got handed the task of justifying the existence of Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed to an […]

  • ThumbnailIn the run up to the release of Alien: Isolation, all the talk was of authenticity. Allusions were made to Ridley Scott’s meticulously designed sets, and promises were made that Alien: Isolation would have the […]

  • ThumbnailH.P. Lovecraft said, “Pleasure to me is wonder — the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability.” The Vanishing of Ethan Carter would […]

  • ThumbnailThe Jagged Alliance series has been around for a long time, but it’s a series that always struggled to modernize itself. While turn based rivals like XCOM have been successfully re-imagined for a new generation of […]

  • ThumbnailChar Brewster’s head is spinning, but she has a review to write!

    I have never played NoLimits 1, so I cannot compare this rendition to its previous counterpart. Every opinion from here on out is based solely on […]

  • ThumbnailCharley gets inside Sherlock Holmes head.

    I have always been a fan of the stories of Sherlock Holmes but I never did come across a game where I felt fully engrossed in the story like I do with the books. Any […]

  • Gamergate eh? I bet you’ve tried to explain it to someone who doesn’t follow games and realized how ridiculous it all is. Depending on who you are, you’ve either simplified the whole thing down to:

    1. The games […]

  • ThumbnailThe menu screen for a game is a lot like a first date. Ok, not a lot, but it’s a little like a first date. It gives an idea of what is to come. A bad menu screen, title screen or opening cut scene is always a […]

  • ThumbnailEndless Legend is a 4X game. I rewrote that sentence many times, and the one you just read is the best one I could manage. I think that’s because all of my energy has been spent not on writing, but on banging my […]

  • ThumbnailAndrew Reid sets out “How To Succeed In JRPGs Without Really Trying”

    Fairy Fencer F reminds you that the ultimate goal of most video games is to make money, and that to accomplish this, you must sell as many […]

  • Yes, all of what you just read in the title above is true. It’s a real thing.

    I spoke with Raymond Fiel, the creator of Player which has a pilot coming to BBC Radio Scotland soon. Here’s what he told me about the show.

    Player is a new sitcom pilot commissioned by BBC Radio Scotland written by Raymond Friel and produced by…[Read more]

  • It has been a while now since I took the trip over le continent to Cologne for Gamescom. For anyone who hasn’t been, hopefully I’ll try and describe what to expect and what I enjoyed about this years event.
    The city
    Cologne is a fantastic city. The beer is fairly cheap in comparison to most European cities and the hotels are reasonable too. As…[Read more]

  • Commander Kieran Sephton on Deck!

    Mission Briefing:
    Codename: Vector Thrust
    Location: Top Secret
    ****EYES ONLY****

    Alright pilots, you’ve been selected as the elite required to form the basis of operation codename ‘Vector Thrust’. The information being released to you is on a need to know basis and marked eyes only. Any perpetrators from…[Read more]

  • GangBeasts5Gang Beasts makes people shout at the screen. It’s one of those games. You’ll shout at the game. You’ll shout at each other. You’ll laugh. Someone will throw something. Alliances will be formed then instantly broken. Everyone will hate each other. Most importantly though, everyone will have fun. More fun than they can remember having in a…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailCharlie Reilly’s heart strings get tugged

    Mega Coin squad is a look back to classic arcade games and tugs at the heart strings of those brought up with platformer games. Heavily influenced by games like Super […]

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