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Limbo (gameplay video)

A gloriously dark and twisted game on the 360 from developers Playdead 15 minutes of Gameplay courtesy of Eurogamer The art style is particularly impressive. Read On

No More 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live

As this video of a sad host shows: Read On

Mortal Kombat

Theres a possible new movie coming soon. Heres the promo vid made to get funding if you haven’t seen it (its bad): More importantly, here’s the fight from the end of the original movie. No way can they top this. Test your might! Read On

Old Spice Guy

So many companies get the viral marketing thing so very wrong. The T-Mobile ad with the dancing actors can suck my balls. Old Spice nails it with this series though. Read On

UK Games magazine PCZone is gone :(

UK Games magazine PCZone is gone :(

I was always a PC Gamer man back in the day, but still very sad. I wonder how much trouble gaming magazines are in as an industry? *Update* It looks bad! Two years ago Edge 31K Games Master 51K PC Gamer 38K Official PlayStation Magazine 46K Official Nintendo Magazine 58K PC Zone 22K (jesus wept) Tod... Read On

XBLA is a "slaughterhouse" for smaller developers

Good article from about how PSN is a better choice for small developers than XBLA. I would have guessed the opposite, but apparently the competition is bigger despite the number of available customers also being greater. Joe Danger developer slates XBLA Read On

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Trailer

The momentum has run out for the Guitar Hero/Rockband franchises, and upcoming releases are unlikely to reinvigorate the market. While Rockband is going the increasingly bizarre route of selling peripherals which are almost real instruments, Guitar Hero is plunging further into its strange, narrativ... Read On

Medal Of Honour – Two Game Engines?

Apparently EA’s attempt to copy Activisions Modern Warfare franchise shamelessly while using the expertise of DICE on the multiplayer portion of the game has had a strange effect. The game will use the Unreal engine for the singleplayer and the Frostbite engine for the multiplayer, making the ... Read On

PS Move Japanese Promo

PS Move! Games where you waggle the remote! Extra peripherals to buy! Mini-games! Painting games! Family games! Creepy, dead eyed Japanese girls! KILL IT! KILL IT! Read On

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