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  • Member Since: 03/11/2013
  • Bio: Programmer of Web Systems, Games and Life. Also a writer and Assistant Editor for the ever awesome CalmDownTom.

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Comment on Glitch Free Gaming: Game of The Year 2014 Day One Disagree with most of the lists here. In the categories of Best open world and best Remake it would have …
Comment on Glitch Free Gaming Episode 90: Exploring where you should not Mages ftw! :) Freddy prince Jnr. is the boss in this! I watched videos of him doing the voice of …
Comment on Glitch Free Gaming Episode 89: The Twilight Zone Episode Had never heard of Yo-Kai warriors. Wish there was a UK release for it! Have fun with GTA V. Also …
Comment on F1 2014 Review (Xbox 360) Beautiful game! I got to try it out at the Namco Preview day at EGX and it was near perfect. …
Comment on Hyrule Warriors Review (Wii U) I was already thinking of buying Hyrule Warriors. This review has solidified the purchase!
Comment on The £1 = 1 Hour Principle So Karma plays into it as well? Too rich for my blood :P
Comment on The £1 = 1 Hour Principle How does the principle work for humble bundles?
Comment on Transport Empire Review (iOS) I liked the look of this and Game Insight usually publish addictive games. Looking forward to the Android release :)
Comment on The Game OST Hall of Fame pt1 Burnout Revenge! Good list and reasoning behind it being on the list. Vice City always gets a mention on these …
Comment on Witch and the Hundred Knight Review (PS3) It has its clunky moments, I kept writing more and more and I thought it got too long... :(
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