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  • Member Since: 03/11/2013
  • Bio: Programmer of Web Systems, Games and Life. Also a writer and Assistant Editor for the ever awesome CalmDownTom.

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Comment on Glitch Free Gaming: Game of The Year 2014 Day One Disagree with most of the lists here. In the categories of Best open world and best Remake it would have…
Comment on Glitch Free Gaming Episode 90: Exploring where you should not Mages ftw! :) Freddy prince Jnr. is the boss in this! I watched videos of him doing the voice of…
Comment on Glitch Free Gaming Episode 89: The Twilight Zone Episode Had never heard of Yo-Kai warriors. Wish there was a UK release for it! Have fun with GTA V. Also…
Comment on F1 2014 Review (Xbox 360) Beautiful game! I got to try it out at the Namco Preview day at EGX and it was near perfect.…
Comment on Hyrule Warriors Review (Wii U) I was already thinking of buying Hyrule Warriors. This review has solidified the purchase!
Comment on The £1 = 1 Hour Principle So Karma plays into it as well? Too rich for my blood :P
Comment on The £1 = 1 Hour Principle How does the principle work for humble bundles?
Comment on Transport Empire Review (iOS) I liked the look of this and Game Insight usually publish addictive games. Looking forward to the Android release :)
Comment on The Game OST Hall of Fame pt1 Burnout Revenge! Good list and reasoning behind it being on the list. Vice City always gets a mention on these…
Comment on Witch and the Hundred Knight Review (PS3) It has its clunky moments, I kept writing more and more and I thought it got too long... :(
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