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  • Member Since: 09/22/2010
  • Bio: I'm the boss! My name is totally in the URL!

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Comment on Greg Miller's terrible IGN review of Dead Space 2 Oh man. So funny. So so funny. Good work LessThanFrank. :)
Comment on The Game OST Hall of Fame pt1 Metal Gear Rising soundtrack punches babies.
Comment on Cards & Dice & Tabletops: King of Tokyo Always nice to have a game available for quick plays!
Comment on Cards & Dice & Tabletops: Takenoko I love how the art has a Miyazaki-ness about it :)
Comment on Should I be excited about... StarForge (PC) It seems like the decent thing to do would be to offer some constructive feedback WITHOUT the insults Steve.
Comment on Dovers view of 2013 Great read! Too bad about Sim 4. Such a hot mess.
Comment on League of Legends Beginners Guide for Season Four It's a fair point Stu. We thought we would start in the game with a basic champ to start with,…
Comment on You should have played... Artemis (PC) Worth playing now? If so I will go back and re-appraise my bold declaration!
Comment on Godus Review (PC) Good read. Now I am curious!
Comment on Cards & Dice & Tabletops: Gloom I love the idea of this. Saw it being played last time and was intrigued!