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Titanfall Loadout Lowdown: Smart Pistol MK5

Titanfall Loadout Lowdown: Smart Pistol MK5

Titanfall Loadout Lowdown: Smart Pistol MK5

Hey guys, I’m O62Skyshard and I’m here to talk to you about the most unique weapon in Titanfall; the Smart Pistol. While pretty much every FPS has assault rifles, shotguns, pistols and snipers, Titanfall’s Smart Pistol is one of the things that sets this game apart from all the others.

Well, that and giant robots.

For those of you not in the know – have you even played the game? The Smart Pistol is a primary weapon that scans and targets all enemies in a short range. It only takes one squeeze of the trigger to shoot every target the MK5 has locked on to. Certain enemy types are more durable than others, however, and require a bit more time to lock on. For example, while a Grunt only takes one lock-on to take down, an enemy Pilot takes three.

SmartPistol_zps85563983Let’s take a look at my favourite set up…

With the Suppressor on the Smart Pistol, it’s much easier to move around the map undetected; the Pilot Tactical ability, Cloak, helps with that too. Unlike a lot of FPS’ (looking at you, Halo) you don’t begin to de-Cloak when moving or shooting. It’s a truly invaluable tool, and the Power Cell Tier 1 Kit helps you use it as often as possible. The Cloak is at its best when used to gain a few extra seconds to lock on to other pilots, or for running across open, Titan filled, areas.

The Sidewinder is my favourite Anti-Titan weapon. It just feels really great when you’re using it. It’s easier to use than the Archer Rocket Launcher, and you have it from the start unlike the Mag Launcher.

Arc Grenades are the optimal choice for Ordnance in this loadout, because we’re not looking to engage our opponents in fair fights and kill them mano-a-mano. We’re looking to get behind their Pilots and Titans, wreak havoc on their Infantry, and pick off enemies whenever the opportunity presents itself.

To that end, I always use the Minion Detector Tier 2 Kit when wielding the Smart Pistol. Hunting down Grunts and Spectres is easy peasy if the map is showing you them at all times.

This Loadout is fairly useful in most game types, but it’s at it’s best in Attrition, when you can run around the map taking down wave after wave of Grunts and Spectres without your enemies being able to do a damn thing about it.

SmartPistolBurnCards_zps4a18378eLet’s take a look at some great Burn Cards to use with this Loadout.

These are all fairly obvious. Adrenaline Transfusion is always really strong when you want to be super mobile. It grants you incredible speed, while letting you maintain your Pilot ability. Stim is useful, but Cloak is more so. Being able to use both is great.

Urban Renewal, as well as Thin The Ranks, are great ways to make tonnes of Experience using this Loadout, as you’re focusing on Spectres and Grunts more than Pilots.

Finally, the Amped Smart Pistol is…well, it’s a better Smart Pistol. Why wouldn’t you use it? Questioning the Loadout Lowdown? The results speak for themselves…



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