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The Game OST Hall of Fame | Part 2

The Game OST Hall of Fame | Part 2

You can find Part 1 here.


Welcome back to the game soundtrack hall of fame. It’s been a week and we have debated the pros and cons of our favourite tracks in to the depths of the night once again in a bid to find the best of the best.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater (Series):

As a youth and malleable youth I sought out new music in the games that I played, a high bpm and a variety of different genres was the ideal. So naturally I would gravitate to Tony Hawk’s for my musical kicks, where else could you hear Powerman 5000 and Dub Pistols in the same soundtrack? There is a great mix of funk, rap, punk rock and metal spread across all the games and I find it hard to pick one specific game that really captures all the songs that I like because I love them all. I still listen to the same music today and I doubt I would have ever have even given any of the bands a look in if it weren’t for the wonderful folk at Activision.

Highlights: We the People – Lateef the Truthspeaker, Superman – Goldfinger, Peace Frog – The Doors, 96 Quite Bitter Beings – CKY


Final Fantasy series:

I struggle to come up with words that haven’t been used to describe Nobuo Uematsu’s music from the Final Fantasy series. In my opinion, no one creates music to fit a theme or feeling better than he does. From Aeries’ quiet and melodic wander through the flowers of the church to the hugely dynamic ranged opening from Final Fantasy VIII, Uematsu has proven that music written specifically for the material in the game can immerse you deeply in its content and that he is the master of it.
They don’t have concerts with full orchestral performances solely with Final Fantasy music for nothing!

Highlights: Aeries’ Theme from VII, Lindblum from IX, Bombing Mission from VII


Mass Effect Trilogy:

The soundtracks of the Mass Effect Trilogy are often cast aside as a
bunch of bleeps and bloops but they are much more than just that; they are bleeps and bloops in an orchestral score that adds so much to the science-fiction identity of the franchise. From the moment you meet your Shepard on board the Normandy to the shocking climax of Mass Effect 3, the soundtrack does not only accompany to the stories and gameplay – it enhances them.

Highlights: Saren, Suicide Mission, An End Once and For All.


SSX Tricky:

Not only was this soundtrack the perfect mix of licensed and original music, but the placement of it was genius. Each song was paired to specific tracks to build atmosphere and also had the ability to change based on how you rode the track, all thanks to the stylings of Mix Master Mike.

Highlights: It’s Tricky – Run DMC, Board Burner – Mix Master Mike, Peaktime – Rasmus, Gin & Sin – John Morgan


The Persona series:

It’s difficult to describe Persona’s music without doing it injustice (seriously just listen to it) but I guess you could start by saying it’s an eclectic mix of funky hip hop, poppy harmonies, rhythmic horns, groovy jazz and soothing melodies. There’s also adrenaline pumping battle music.
The music of Persona 3&4 is also integral to the game. Spending your days hanging out with friends, going to school or trying to catch a date wouldn’t be complete without it’s soundtrack. There’s an almost rhythmic feel as you click your way through conversations and battles to the games brilliant music. Expertly written and taps into the very core of Persona.

Highlights: Mass Destruction (Persona 3), I Want To Be Close (Persona 3), Joy (Persona 3), Make History (Persona 4 Golden), Backside Of The TV (Persona 4 Golden), Like a Dream Come True (Persona 4 Golden)



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    Yet another nice wee article :-) Cant wait till the third comes round!

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