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Featured Post: Projecting The Future

Featured Post: Projecting The Future

There’s nothing quite like settling in for an evening, turning off all the lights, making some popcorn and projecting a movie onto a big blank wall. For years now people have done this is an alternative to going to the cinema. Who wants to pay ridiculous cinema prices just to walk on sticky floors and have the back of their seat kicked by an annoying, loud kid?

But even better than projecting a movie onto your wall is playing a game. I’ve had many great experiences with playing games on a projector, but none has quite matched four player Mario Kart. With the lights off and the huge projector screen displaying all your little kart racers appear as big as an actual person, I don’t think there’s anything else quite like it.

One of the great things about Mario Kart is that it supports four player local co-op. There’s no point in firing off a red shell (or even better, a blue leader shell) then laughing in someones face about it. The problem is that four player Mario Kart puts each person in a very tiny quarter of the screen, and even on a big telly it can be tough to see everything that’s going on.

On a projector though…. well it can’t get much better. And if you ever get tired of karting, red shells and (that cheater) Bowser, there’s always four player Goldeneye. Just remember, no one pick Oddjob!


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