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Developer Sit Down: Matt Roszak Talks Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Developer Sit Down: Matt Roszak Talks Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Developer Sit Down: Matt Roszak

I recently caught up for a quick chat with Matt Roszak about games, inspirations, programming and the future.

How long did it take you to develop Epic Battle Fantasy 4?
About 12 months for the web version, and another 3 months for the Steam extras. That’s if I were working on the game full time, but I’ve been working on it on-and-off for 2 and a half years, probably.

What would you say to someone who’s never played a game from the Epic Battle Fantasy series?
Check it out if you liked 16-bit JRPGs or just like games with a silly sense of humor.

There’s quite a few references to old school RPGs in the game, can you give us your top three?
Dead Pikachu. Moogle snowman. The Triforce.

MAtt RoszakCan you give us three of your favourite characters from RPGs?
Zidane from FF9. Anyone from FF9 really. I felt that FF9 had better character development than any game I’ve ever played.

Was there a specific game that made you want to learn how to make games?

Specific game? Nah. But the Zelda games have probably inspired me more than any other series.

What’s next for Epic Battle Fantasy?
Bullet Heaven 2, probably. Maybe.

Can you give us an insight into your agenda for the remainder of 2014?
I don’t usually plan more than a month ahead. I’d say it’s impossible to predict things any further than that. But the To-do list right now is: Tidy up launch issues with EBF4, look into selling it on other stores, tidy up launch issues with Cat Cafe, publish Cat Cafe on iOS. (Cat Cafe is my first mobile game)

Are there any developers out there that would pull you away from Kupo Games?
Nope. Not until I get old and might need a stable income, anyway. But I’m planning for that to never happen.

What’s been your biggest programming problem?
Debugging really obscure and specific bugs.

What’s been your favourite moment as a developer?

Successful game launches!

You can purchase Epic Battle Fantasy 4 right now on Steam and keep up to date with Matt at Kupo Games.


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