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Hey Fellow Early Adopters of Xbox One, We got screwed!

Esler’s personal, unfiltered feelings on how Microsoft lost their number one fan. Him.

I have supported Xbox from the word go. It was the console I matured as a gamer on, and the console I have bonded with friends over. In my brief life span I have been an elitist and almost blind to the faults of my console of preference because it was perfect for me. I first started gaming properly on the original Xbox, and was an early adopter to Xbox Live with the release of Halo 2. From there I scrimped and scraped as a teenager on my weekly paper round to ensure I was the first through the gates when Xbox 360 first hit stores all those years back, and I can assure you I didn’t scrimp for the budget edition, I blew a load guaranteeing I got nearly every launch game I could. So with the introduction of what is the third generation Xbox, I found myself going through the motions and saving up for the big One, literally and metaphorically.

XboxOneI was now of an age where I was able to fully develop my own words, sentences and structure my own views on the next great gaming generation debate. Hell, I even have my own little soapbox to stand and shout from now. So I’ve decided to use my pedestal as a means of making you all aware of my dismay at the rumors that are gradually surfacing.

I sat and bit my tongue with the original ideas behind the X1, with the horrific DRM and some other questionable choices, and hoped for the best. When November 22nd rolled around I paced up and down the hall of my house awaiting the delivery of the glorious X1 and even made my girlfriend wait with me so I had somebody to share the excitement with. It all went down hill from there. Buggy games, issues with achievements and an abundance of cloud sync issues are but a few issues that I (and many others) have encountered with their consoles.

So how does it feel to be an early adopter? For me I feel a bit robbed. I have a console I barely play and a laundry list of problems that don’t sit well and I know I am not alone when I say I think this generation could have been delayed a fair bit longer, even by a year. There have also been reports circulating that some people are experiencing issues with reaching the capacity on the X1 already, with just over 300Gb available of the supposed 500Gb model. So what’s next?

xbox-oneRumours of not one but two X1s coming in 2014 have surfaced on various news sites and NeoGaf. These reports state that along with the release of Titanfall there will be a special edition XboxOne and later in the year, around November time, a new X1 that has double the hard drive capacity of the release model from November 2013. That means within less than 12 months of a consoles release we are seeing 2 new consoles on the market that could be considered an upgrade. If anything this is an admission that the original model that was released was not ready for the market.

This is a slap in the face of all the early adopters of the XboxOne – those that arguably believed in its future more than anyone else. We have been told that there is a better version being released further down the line. This isn’t the first time that Microsoft have had the gall to release multiple iterations of the same console; in fact it is more common now than it ever was before. At least the Elite was released around 2 years in to the cycle and the hard drives were interchangeable, a function that would be removed a further 3 years later with the Xbox 360 S. This option is no longer present and hopefully all your saves are successfully stored on the cloud with the update of X1s, but it still doesn’t sit right that there are two consoles being released within twelve months of the first one. All of those who choose to upgrade will have to install all their games again and update all the games they wish to play again, which is a pain.

imagesIt feels like a punishment for early adopters. Those who chose to support the XboxOne from the get go are now faced with dilemma of sticking with what appears to be an inferior console, or having to potentially drop some more money for the upgrade. As Day One purchasers we should feel rewarded for showing support as soon as the console was released. Instead I feel like a bit of a poor mug because a better and more full deal was lurking round the corner. It feels like a shill for my money and personally, I am unhappy.

I saved for months to afford my first Xbox360 and I was drastically out of pocket, but never did I once regret my decision to support the console of choice. I feel the exact opposite with the XboxOne. I built up a great deal of hype for the X1 and I am drastically let down. I haven’t got as much from it as I had hoped and it was the more costly of the two machines. So here I am now sitting a little lost and a whole lot more annoyed. If you’re listening Microsoft, I have defended you to the hilt and then some. Now though, I have given up.


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