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Waiting For Cooldowns Issue 9: Rekkles and the New Patch

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What’s up guys, welcome to the first Waiting for Cooldowns of 2014! I am, of course, Martin “Hutch The Clutch” Hutchison and we’ve got a lot to catch up on. I’m going to bring up some of my thoughts and feelings about the new patch, and look at one player who has stood above all the rest in the first few days of the European 2014 LCS; Rekkles. But first, it’s time for the ABCs!

H is for…Harass! Harass is a term used to define one championing dealing damage to another with little risk of retaliation. Harassment in the laning phase can lead one laner to snowball uncontrollably over his opponent if left unchecked. Some champions, like Caitlyn, Annie and Jinx, are great at harassing their opponents because of their long auto-attack range. Others, like Ziggs and Gragas, have powerful skillshot abilities that let them harass from a safe distance. Harassment can often lead to zoning; if you can’t get close enough to the minions to farm because you’re scared of taking too much damage, you’re out of the game, son.

Patch 4.1 went live a few days before this was written, and it was largely a patch of nerfs. Nobody was safe from the Nerfhammer as it came down, hitting some desperately needed points, with only a few tweaks that don’t make a lot of sense. Evelynn’s general power has been scaled down slightly, much to the relief of everybody who has to play against her. Her Q ability, Hate Spikes, now travels slower, and Ravage has been changed to physical damage. No more stacking Magic Penetration and wrecking the tanks in a matter of seconds, folks!


As much as it pains me to admit it, Annie’s stun probably needed the Nerf. The 1.75 seconds stun duration at level one was far too much. In many situations, you were forced to Flash, Cleanse or Die when it landed. When combined with a high AD Level 1 champion like Ashe, Draven or Jinx, it was too much. The stun has changed from 1.75 at all levels, to 1.25 at levels 1 thorugh 5, 1.5 and levels 7 to 10, and 1.75 at level 11 and higher. However, Tibbers can now be cast more frequently. I guess we’ll spend less time Waiting For Cooldowns now.

The community has been divided by Riven’s changes in this patch. Many players think that the nerf has been too strong; others think she’s in a much more balanced state now. Riven was notorious for being one of the easiest champions in the League to snowball on, because of her fantastic AD scaling on her abilities. Now, Riven’s base AD has been reduced, but her AD per Level has increased. Additionally, while the damage numbers on Broken Wings, her main mobility and harass technique, have been decreased, they now scale with Overall AD and not Bonus AD. She’s now weaker when miles ahead than she’s used to being, but stronger when she’s behind.

One more cool thing to have come from 4.1 is the changes to the Jungler Spirit items. Spirit of the Spectral Wraith has a passive that says “Gives 8% of the damage dealt to Monsters back as Health, and 4% as Mana”. This passive is so popular that all the Spirit items have been given it in favor of their Mana and Health regen passives.

Let’s shift our attention from the client that you and I play on to the big dogs. The EU and NA LCS started back this week, and there’s been tonnes of action and some breathtaking performances. While I could spend hours talking about different games and teams, there’s one player I want to point out as standing head and shoulders above the rest. Potentially the next big thing in Pro-LoL, I’m talking about 17 Year Old phenom Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. He and I share a first name and a love for playing Jinx!

Fnatic Rekkles

Rekkles’ abilities over the past few days have been nigh-on flawless. He got given Jinx in his first three games(Versus Gambit Gaming, The Alliance and SK Gaming) and over the course of these, has generated an average Gold Per Minute of 440 and achieved an astonishing 46.0 KDA; 46 kills over the course of three games with 0 deaths. None. At all. Are you watching, Meteos?

After debuting for Fnatic in 2012, he showed exactly what he was made of. The potential was obvious here; this kid was a rising start in the scene, and Fnatic moved from strength to strength with him by their side. While he was able to help Fnatic take down the recently crowned World Champions Taipei Assassins at IPL5, he wasn’t old enough to play in the LCS for all of 2013. Instead, he played with the Copenhagen Wolves to keep his mechanics, knowledge of the game, and skills on top form.

Rekkles was the ADC for Fnatic when they faced Counter-Logic Gaming and then Gambit at IEM Cologne, and put on a solid performance in both games, managing to work with his lane partner Yellowstar to take down CLG’s Rush Hour; Aphromoo and Doublelift. Moving into the LCS, Fnatic’s first game was up against Gambit, the Russian squad that defeated them at IEM Cologne. But it was a different Fnatic squad that showed up for this match.
Confident from the get-go and spurred on by the double-kill in the video below, Rekkles lead Fnatic to victory against the Russian powerhouse. If you haven’t had a chance to watch Fnatic in action over the past few days, I recommend that you rectify that immediately.

Before we wrap up, let’s take a look at the Standings for the EU LCS after the first three days of action.

The biggest shock for me is Alliance. So many people expected great things from them, but they’ve found themselves at the bottom of the table at 0 wins to 4 losses. Hopefully they can swing that round as the weeks progress.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Hu7chTh3Clu7ch or add me on League of Legends. I play on the EU West servers, and you’ll find me under the name Hutch The Clutch. Additionally, I’m excited to announce you can now follow the official Waiting for Cooldowns Twitter page @CDTWFC ! May your ganks be be fruitful and your team fights coordinated.

See ya!


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