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Waiting For Cooldowns 8: Top 3 Champs of 2013

Waiting For Cooldowns 8: Top 3 Champs of 2013

What’s up guys, Martin “Hutch The Clutch” Hutchison here with the final Waiting For Cooldowns of 2013! I’m gonna be looking at my top three Champs of the year, as well as a ‘hacking’ issue that’s been spreading throughout the League. Let’s get started, though, with the ABCs of LoL!

G is for…GGWP! GGWP stands for Good Game, Well Played and it’s an integral part of the League of Legends experience. These four letters can confirm the entire tone of a match. Usually typed into All-Chat at the end of the game, GGWP is an agreement between the ten (Or six) players in the match that they had an enjoyable experience. GGWPs counterpart is GLHF, which stands for Good Luck, Have Fun and is usually stated at the start of the game. For me, GGWP and GLHF are a key part of the game.

The Top 3 Champs of 2013

Zac3: Zac

What Top List could be complete without the Secret Weapon?

Zac began life as Z.A.C, the Zaunite Amorphous Combatant, a hexchem-engineered Super soldier, designed and created in a lab in the city-state of Zaun. With incredible flexibility and the ability to generate incredible amounts of kinetic force, it seemed that Zac would be the perfect weapon. But the Zaunite scientists who made him, a loving husband and wife, saw more than a weapon in their creation. He reacted to the sound of their voices, bouncing happily when they sang to him.

Upon realizing that the creation hated it’s life in the lab, and unable to deny their affection for it, the pair smuggled Zac out of the lab and fled Zaun, choosing to raise him as their son in a regular neighbourhood far from the place of his creation. They taught him right from wrong, and how to use his gifts of strength, agility and durability for the greater good.

When the laboratory eventually tracked them down, they captured Zac’s ‘parents’ and intended to force them to aid in his recapture. Terrified at the thought of losing the ones he loved, Zac unleashed his full power for the first time, beating back the soldiers, sending the laboratories workers fleeing, and saving his parents.

Far from being the perfect tool of war, he vowed that day to be a defender of the innocent and helpless

Zac made a pretty big impact on the Pro-League scene. As an incredibly tough AP caster/off-tank, he found a home in the jungle, especially in the hands of the KDA King of Na, Cloud9’s Meteos. Zac’s suite of CC, including a slow, a long range jump that knocks up, and one of the most disruptive Ultimate abilities in the League in the form of ‘Let’s Bounce!’ make him a valuable ally in the Jungle or the Top Lane.

35084-jinx___league_of_legends_wallpaper2: Jinx

How could I not include Jinx here? While she hasn’t made the waves that I predicted in the LCS and OGN, Jinx is a reliable pick with favourable trades, tower shredding and great teamfight potential. She has a cool variety of builds, ranging from full-crit builds with Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer and Statik Shivv, to maximum Attack Damage builds, with items like Bloodthrister and Last Whisper.

A troublemaker, miscreant and general ne’erdowell with unknown origins, Jinx enjoys nothing more than bringing chaos, despair and excitement to the place she finds most boring; Piltover. She particularly likes running rings around the cities law enforcement, especially Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, and Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, whom she calls “Fat Hands” and “Hat Lady” respectively.

Jinx is responsible for the single longest crime spree in Piltover’s history, including detailing her crimes to the Piltover authorities, challenging them to stop her. While Vi came close on a number of occasions, Jinx was always just out of reach. It’s now Vi’s intention to wipe the psychotic grin off of Jjinx’s face. Permanently.

In lane, Jinx is great at kiting, shredding minions waves and taking down towers. Her passive, ‘Get Excited!’ let’s her rapidly re-position during team fights, always allowing her to blast away at the best target.
And, of course…this song!

thresh1: Thresh

It’s difficult to think about life in the League without this Champion now. Thresh’s impact into the world of LoL was instantaneous and it was profound. When he arrived, players the World over scrambled to find the best way to use him. Every possible build and role was tested; some players liked to build him AD and take him to the Top lane as a bruiser, while some saw the potential for AP Thresh to own Mid. Some, myself included, even took him into the jungle, hoping to use his soul-gathering passive to help him scale throughout the game.

But it was in the Bot lane as a Support that Thresh found his true calling. The Chain Warden is capable of making some of the most incredible plays. His Q, Death Sentence, locks down an enemy champion and lets him jump onto them. It’s usually combo’d with his W, Dark Passage, to enable an ally to fly in alongside him. Followed through with Flay or The Box means that there’s absolutely no escape.

But don’t take my word for it! I’ve included a video of some of the plays from the best thresh player(And arguably, the best Support player) in the world, Madlife, at 2013’s All-Star Tournament. This event featured the best players from each of the League’s Regions setting aside their usual rivalries and working together to prove themselves the best.

Thresh’s Spectral appearance comes from his lore; He was, apparently, once a human prison keeper, and an absolute sadist. He enjoyed tormenting those who had come to be emprisoned under him, using various techniques to rend their minds to insanity before their bodies broke. It was his favourite game, and he was the best there was at it.But during a jailbreak, his wards hunted the Chain Warden down and gave him a dose of his own medicine. Leaving him hanging from his own chains unceremoniously, the beast known as Thresh was given life.

For better or for worse.

Let’s move on to something not quite so pleasant. Recently, I’ve been made aware of a ‘hacking’ issue that’s been spreading through the League, especially our beloved EUWest. Players are being sent messages by their friends, sometimes asking them to log on to the Tribunal. When they enter their account details, they’re frequently being forwarded to harmful or irritating websites, and losing control of their League of Legends account.

Guys, please, please, please make sure this doesn’t happen to you. It can take days, sometimes weeks, for you to regain control of your LoL account. I’d hate to see that happen to anybody else.

Anyway, that’s all from me, guys. As always, feel free to add me on League of Legends, where I play on the EUWest servers under the name of Hutch the Clutch. You can also add me on Twitter @Hu7chTh3Clu7ch or follow the column on @CDTWFC

This is the last WFC for 2013, so take care out there. I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the Fields of Justice. See ya!


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