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David’s Top 5 Games of 2013

5) Grand Theft Auto V / Online
This is the safe choice as almost everyone who has played it will have this on their list. GTA V has the same rampaging fun as the other GTA games, as well as the thrill of pulling off heists. GTA Online is a griefers paradise. Nothing beats the sound of a high pitch scream from some little shit, cursing you after running him over.

4) Anodyne
Anodyne is the best top down 2D action-adventure out side a Zelda game. You start off armed with a broomstick as if its a parody of a Zelda game, but that changes as soon as you need to murder a innocent NPC. The game progresses from cheeriness to sadness with a few areas that are even scary. The dungeons are well designed and the puzzles are fun too.

3) War Thunder
This is the best free to play game out there. Zipping around canyons in 16 vs 16 dogfights are amazing. I never tire of watching an enemy plane burst into flames and smash into the ground after I have filled their plane full of lead.

2) Payday 2
This is one of the best co-op games ever made. The guns feel meaty, and heists can get really intense. Its a great feeling when you pull off a successful heist with three other friends. It’s also a great feeling to mow down hostages with a circular saw! The games soundtrack is the best soundtrack of any game this year.

1) Persona 4 Golden
This is my best game of 2013 (and my favourite game of all time). Every part of this game is almost perfect. From the characters to the dungeons. This has the best parts of other JRPG’s, but without the mindless and boring grind. I still find it funny turning down a characters request to go dungeon crawling because I have to finsh my homework! I can already hear people shouting that this is just a port of a PS2 from 2008, but its much more than that. They added a ton of new content including a new ending, more social links, and even a quiz show. If you have a Vita this is a must buy.


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