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Brian’s Top 5 Games of 2013

Brian’s Top 5 Games of 2013

gone home5. Gone Home(Windows PC)
A very interesting narrative experience, and really shows what you can do with a solid story and leaving the player just to get on with it. Excellent handling of a sensitive subject(don’t want to spoil it) and probably fairly realistic to boot. Also has an excellent soundtrack which really catches the 90s vibe.




ksp4. Kerbal Space Program(Windows PC)
Even though technically it has been out for a while, it did not come to Steam until 2013. I love this game, even though there is no overarching missions there is still fun to be had by managing your own space programme. Part of the fun is building your own rocket and then watching explode in hilarious circumstance, never has failing been so fun. You then learn your lesson, design a better rocket and eventually you get your little guys to another planet.



868hack3. 868-Hack(iPad)
A rogue-like where you collect resources to battle various computer programs. The goal is get the best score while surviving the hack. The game is balanced perfectly by Michael Brough, who is quickly becoming one of my favourite video game designers.




rogue legacy2.Rogue Legacy(Windows PC)
Another rogue-like, where the goal is defeat the evil monster who dwell in the dungeon. Rides the line pretty closely between frustration and enjoyment, for me always has that ‘just one more go’ quality.




BioShock-Infinite1. Bioshock Infinite(Windows PC)
Despite the cookie cutter combat and the sub-par special powers, Irrational Games managed to build a visually Immersive World with an ending which made me, for the first time in a long while, think about what it all meant when I got away from the computer screen.




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