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5 Quick Steps Ahead: A Dead Rising 3 Guide

Ryan doesn’t like holding hands

Perfecting your playthrough on Dead Rising 3 has always been the most interesting part. Finding it means to squeeze in a little more or even an optimum route to minimise the risk of zombies chewing on your survivor’s heels. So here are a few hints and tips to get you ahead of the pack.

roadhogg51. Teleporting Survivors:

More often than not transporting survivors in Dead Rising was a laborious task, they died and you reloaded. It was frustrating and you always wished for an easier method. Well now there is. Forget shortcuts and forget about the books in your inventory. All you need to do is get in a car. Drive off into the sunset and leave them to fend for themselves. In time they make their own way to the safe house and save you the hassle of leading them by the hand like a toddler crossing the road.



roadhogg2 2. Side Mission Spam

For those of you with a smartphone or tablet you will be well aware that there is a rather amusing Dead Rising 3 app. However, you might not be aware it’s unbelievably abusable. All it takes is a buffet cart and a little patience. This involves using the the side mission about depositing food in safe zones. For each completion you receive an app code and 2,000-3,000 PP. It’s a great boost early on and you build a great deal of codes towards nukes and gun drops which in turn racks up a load of PP too. Although as you progress in levels this process slows down to a point in which it is not quite as beneficial as it previously was.


roadhogg43. This is my weapon…

There are definitely some key weapons to take note of. Each has their own use but there are a few that are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of application. For instance the Ultimate Shout is the most devastating crowd clearing weapon available to anyone and it also counts as an electric weapon for those PP challenges you need golds in. Beyond that there is the Sgt Pistol, which is acquired through story progression, this happens to be one of the most powerful weapons in terms of firearms and it racks up the kills with it’s impressive clip, definitely your weapon of choice for firearm PP challenges. And lastly, for everything else there is the Ultimate Grim Reaper. This weapon is literally a harbinger of death, it spits out fiery exploding skulls that have a catastrophic effect on nearby explosives.


roadhogg4. Pimp My Ride

That’s right, it’s an absolute must to go all Xzibit on anything you can get your hands on. Combo vehicles are by far the most efficient way of making your way around. Very little will get in your way and once you master the fine art of crafting you can knock together some amazing combs in seconds. Or better still make your way to a combo garage and save yourself the hassle by spawning one before every journey. You can rack up the kills and zip around in style.



roadhogg 65. Dress to impress

And finally there is no way to fight zombies without the right attire. It’s is almost an absolute must to dawn your best S&M gear for the slaughtering you embark on. Unfortunately there is no stat boost or bonus for wearing specific outfits in Dead Rising 3 beyond the hilarity of seeing a villain attempting to reason with a man in a shark suit.




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