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5 Apps That Keep You Entertained (Featured Post)

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We’ve all seen lists of the top games in app stores, and of course they’re always changing over time, as new apps are developed. But truth be told, the majority of popular apps are only good for fleeting entertainment. You can finish a lot of top games in 15 minutes’ time, and a number of others grow dull just as quickly.

I’m always looking for apps that can keep me engaged a bit longer, and actually provide some entertainment value. So here are my 5 picks for apps that can keep you entertained.

1. Plants vs. Zombies 2
You can read more about the game in our previous review, but the bottom line is this is an incredibly long-lasting game compared to most apps. With different stages offering fresh challenges, and advancement (through new plants and capabilities) achievable throughout the game, it can truly keep you busy for hours and hours (or, realistically, days and days).

2. The Room
I suppose this vaguely creepy app is technically a game, but it’s almost like a visual riddle, and even a bit of a story as well. Basically, the game places you in a room with a cryptic box that can be “solved” as you look at it from every angle and find clues. Hints are available for those simply pursuing an end, but if you solve The Room on your own it can keep you going for a long time, and it only gets more engaging along the way thanks to a brilliant atmosphere and great graphics.

3. PictureBox
The app version of Picturebox films is my pick among a number of popular video streaming services. Why? Because the selection can’t get old. Picturebox cycles films in and out of its selection (60 at a time) each month for subscribers to enjoy, which means you avoid getting tired of the offerings (as happens to most of us at Netflix, on Redbox, etc.).

4. Action Movie FX
Streaming films is one thing – making them is entirely another! Of course, depending on your personal interests, this app may prove a bit tiresome in time. But if you like to create fun videos and play around with effects, this app from Bad Robot Interactive is just awesome. You can add some really spectacular effects to your mobile videos, and it can turn filming into more of a regular hobby.

5. Turtles, Huh?
Getting back to games, this is one that’s been around for some time but has somehow gone overlooked. The main game involves controlling a hang gliding turtle trying to go as far as possible on a single launch; 8 miniature games-within-the-game, however, involve different skills and challenges that allow you to boost your capabilities in the main game. The truth is, some of the mini-games are even better than the main one, and the sheer variety and constant improvement make it a long-lasting piece of entertainment.



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