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The 7 Worst Pokémon Designs Ever

Kevin O’Donnell gives his opinions on the Pokémon he feels the designers didn’t try hard enough with.

Since 1996, Game Freak have been responsible for giving us the phenomenon that is Pokémon – the role-playing games manage to be both instantly accessible and incredibly deep whilst allowing us to participate in the blood-sport of Pokémon battling. For the most part, we capture, train and battle a seemingly endless parade of cute, cool and creative creatures in an effort to ‘catch ’em all’. But there are some Pokémon that we really don’t want to catch.

So, allow me to present to you what may be the worst, dumbest and most aesthetically displeasing Pokémon in the history of this mega-franchise…

mime7. Mr. Mime
I always found Mr. Mime’s inclusion in the original Pokémon games – a franchise that is quite obviously made with children in mind – very confusing. I mean, doesn’t he look exactly like the type of guy that parents tell their beloved offspring to stay away and never accept sweets from?

6. Jynx
Aside from the fact that Jynx simply looks utterly ridiculous, the original design is very arguably a racist depiction of an African stereotype and shares a striking resemblance to a certain controversial, and now banned, doll. These allegations were taken so seriously by the people at Nintendo that, for the international releases of Gold/Silver/Crystal, Jynx’s complexion was changed from black to purple. Whether black or purple, Jynx is offensive to the eyes and more.

luvdisc5. Luvdisc
Go home Luvdisc, you’re drunk. With an unambiguous name and a design which looks like it has come from the brain of a boring child, Game Freak really phoned it in when they gave us Luvdisc. The only saving grace of this travesty of a Pokémon is that there is no evolutionary chain so that we only have to endure one.

4. Probopass
Introduced to us in the 5th generation of the series, Probopass – the evolved form of Nosepass – is certainly one of the weirdest looking Pokémon that the franchise has ever produced. Its blocky features, massive magnetic nose and brush-like moustache will have you avoiding Mt. Coronet when in possession of an already horrendous looking Nosepass.

trubbish3. Trubbish
Looking at Trubbish – a Pokémon which has an accurate description of itself within its name – leaves one thinking that the character designers at Game Freak had really run out of ideas when this ‘thing’ came to fruition. It’s essentially a burst bin-liner with eyes. In fact, there’s no essentially about it, it IS a burst bin-liner with eyes. Trubbish even has the potential to evolve into a bigger pile of rubbish in the form of Garbodor. What a load of… Oh, never mind.

2. Vanillish
Much like Trubbish, Vanillish is another example of the moment when ideas ran out. The evolved form of Vanillite – a tiny ice cream cone – with the ability to evolve into Vanilluxe – a double-scoop ice cream cone – Vanillish is merely (you guessed it!) an ice cream cone. I’m a much bigger fan of Vanilluxe though, since it comes with a Flake.

1. Klefkiklefki
I actually had to do a double-take the first time that I laid my unfortunate eyes on Klefki, a Pokémon who appears in the very latest editions of the franchise – X and Y. Klefki is just a set of keys! Although, in fairness to Klefki, it does give you some decent bang for your buck; there’s a house key, a car key, what appears to be a shed key and even a mysterious fourth key. That’s four keys on one Pokémon! Wait, what am I saying?

So there we have it, a look at the least imaginative and most eye-gougingly ugly Pokémon that have ever plagued our Nintendo consoles. But these are just one really handsome man’s opinions, what do YOU think? Comment below and let us know (that rhymes!).


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