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Sick Kids Save Point – Live Streams

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Here’s a bunch of streams from the guys taking part in Sick Kids Save Point from team CalmDownTom! Don’t forget to donate!

Glitch Free Gaming Channel currently has Paul playing Pokemon
Watch live video from glitchfreegame on www.twitch.tv

David Carr is playing a whole load of Sonic
Watch live video from apocolyp4 on www.twitch.tv

Sean is currently on League of Legends
Watch live video from Fra3ture on www.twitch.tv

Anthony is doing his naked run on Dark Souls, in black and white
Watch live video from tonesy89 on www.twitch.tv

William is currently playing Sprung
Watch live video from CrashScreen on www.twitch.tv

Kevin is playing Final Fantasy VII in an attempt to complete it within the 24 hours
Watch live video from Meteor270 on www.twitch.tv


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