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Should I be Excited About… Dead Rising 3

The simple is answer is yes. What’s not exciting about a new installment in one of Capcom’s flagship titles, especially one that can be described as “Dawn of the Dead: The Game.” Couple that with the fact that Dead Rising 3 is also a launch title for the next generation of consoles. A far more affluent answer awaits as I was extremely fortunate to find myself getting to grips with Dead Rising 3 at the Eurogamer Expo.

DR3_coop bearinator reaperThe first thing about Dead Rising 3 that struck me was just how good it looks. There is a great level of detail on screen that puts to shame some of the games recently released at the end of the generation with the screen population that Dynasty Warriors would dream of. Every little piece of the environment is so finely detailed you would be easily convinced that this might have been a FMV sequence as opposed to gameplay. In turn that means the beautifully handcrafted weapons of hilarity now look that much better, especially the Blanka mask combo and the dragon suit.

With the introduction for the new character there is also a new combo system. No longer are all the attacks mapped to one button but there are now more fluent combos. Now you have a light and heavy attack as well as a special attack that activates when your combo reaches a certain number. It’s really innovative and spices things up dramatically from the previous iterations, blending sweeping swings of a hammer/grenade hybrid weapon to a special move is greatly satisfying. Even the older weapons have a new shine and some swanky adjustments that left me drooling.

DR3_mecha dragonOn the topic of weapon hybrids; there are new customisations, in fact more than there has ever been, that also build atop each other. Much like the wheelchair with machine guns all weapon combos can now be tweaked and improved by adding extra explosives or another spiked bat. The example I was shown was upgrading the horn and cone from previous games by adding more traffic cones or a bigger cone. There is at least a hundred and with such a short time on the demo I was barely able to scratch the surface, but I can confirm you can dress up as a dragon with wing and fly in to zombies with your spiked gloves as part of this combo. What more could you ask for?

DR3_coop roller hawgI think “badass vehicle customisation that would rock your world” is the answer on some people’s lips. Well guess what, there are badass vehicle customisations that most certainly rocked my world. The combination of a steamroller and a motorbike that created a fire spurting trike of doom was most certainly my preferred mode of transport. Although I was only able to see about ten of them, I can assure you the destruction and fun had with the vehicles is more than enough to keep you occupied. And the best part about all of this is that you don’t have to find a workbench any more. The ever resourceful mechanic, Nick, can craft his weapons of destruction on the go and combine just about anything he lays his hands on. No longer shall you hunt for a workbench with pockets stuffed full of shit hoping you get to a workbench soon, now all you need to do is find a safe place and craft away.

10 minutes was obviously not enough to traverse the ever expansive map of any of the old games, nevermind the new game, so naturally I questioned everyone I could grab without wasting my precious time. And according to the helpful fellows at the Dead Rising 3 booth this map is at least 5 times the magnitude of the predecessors combined.

deadrising3 2013-06-01 19-18-45-41Another interesting change was the levelling system. Now you can allocate points to attributes, bonuses and perks as opposed to being rewarded with a specific upgrade. It’s something the avid fans will really sink their teeth in to. I already started trying to work out my own preferred build for the optimal hardcore playthrough from level one. Although not a great selling point, it definitely is another reason why Dead Rising 3 is head and shoulders above the rest.

I had high expectations for Dead Rising 3, it’s the game I have been waiting years for and is by far one of my favourite Capcom titles in existence, and it smashed them. I was already looking forward to the next generation and Dead Rising 3, but now I can hardly contain my excitement.


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