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PS4 vs. Xbone: Which Is Better?

Every new console generation sees a battle of epic proportions play out among gamers and nerds alike. These battles involve players taking a stand against their opposition by flaming them, while defending the console of their dreams (or buyer’s remorse). These battles are bloody, and paint gamers in a terrible light, so I have set out to create an objective list as to which console is, in fact, superior. Let’s take a look at my top five reasons why PlayStation is five different battles for the systems to square off against each other.

1. Sony made the PlayStation and Microsoft made the Xbox One. Microsoft do terrible things like DRM and Kinect, and Sony do good things like PS+ and Kevin Butler ads. PlayStation wins.

2. Son-err, PlayStation has my favourite exclusive, but Xbox only ever get Call of Duty games. PlayStation wins.

3. PlayStation has less children online. PlayStation wins.

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Look at that terrible design.

4. PlayStation 4 looks much better than Xbox One, because it looks less like my grandfather’s VCR. Damn, those things were/are old. PlayStation wins.

5. In terms of having more transistors, Xbox Wons, but my Uncle who works at Nintendo says that it’s just a “marketing buzzword”, so this is a bad thing. That means by winning Xbox Loneses. Oneloss. Loses. Loses.

So there we have it, based on this PS3 vs. 360 article, Sony are the clear winners and everyone should pre-order the PS4 except they can’t because they’re running out of stock so it’s good that I have one already, haha. If you liked this article, make sure to give it five stars and comment below about how great it is. Make sure to make fun of all the pesky little trolls who try to refute these hard facts. And now it’s time for me to go solve world piece peace.

PlayStation wins (5/5). Xbox loses (1/5).


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