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Should I be excited about… War for the Overworld (PC)

Should I be excited about… War for the Overworld (PC)

“O, me lord! We live in darkness. We breed in darkness. We crawl in the dark and thrive in the shadows. To obey we strive. To obey…”

Dark, dingy, bloody, abominable – those are some of the adjectives I would use to describe War for the Overworld. As a fan of Dungeon Keeper and such games, I can sum up the game so far in one word: OUTSTANDING! The game’s genre is Dungeon Management, and the player takes the role of the “Malevolent Underlord”. War for the Overworld is full of character and once started totally engulfs the player into the dark, dingy, bloody, abominable world of the underground warlock. The visuals are (even at this early stage) quite impressive and the atmosphere and setting are perfect. It’s worth mentioning that the demo offered by the developers (Subterranean Games) in this early stage of development is very promising.

War for the OverworldThe game starts with a few imps at your disposal and a central den. You can order your imps to dig some of the dirt/gold trails to make more room for your underground estate. There are a few hall types: Lair (rest room), Slaughter pen (food provision), Treasury (self-explanatory), Archive (knowledge) and Foundry (weapons), which once built produce different types of creatures. I haven’t figured out what each creature’s role is yet as the game is still being developed, but they are marvellous looking. The same applies for the enemies. So far there isn’t any real goal as the game crashes after a while (for me at least), but the feeling left at this point is not as much disappointment as a real desire to continue playing. So there is no question whether the game is promising or not. It has great potential. Unless something goes terribly wrong in the next stages the game is set to be a total success.

War for the Overworld3The real questions are: Did you ever dream of being an imp master? To command an army of filthy creatures with implicit obedience? To dig holes in dirt and make your fortune by destroying rivals lairs? To hate others just because they exist?

Well if you ever did – this game is going to be absolutely perfect for you. I know for sure that I will be expecting the full release and I am hoping that I will do the review.


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