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Should I be excited about… Gravity Ghost (PC)

Should I be excited about… Gravity Ghost (PC)

Wow! The game Gravity Ghost is out of this world!

Please forgive me but I just couldn’t resist the pun. With all planets, stars and constellations included in the game I had to make the joke. To say this game is very strange would be an understatement. It is weird! And it is weird in an amusingly enjoyable way though. It is another little indie games gem. Thumbs up for the team at IVYGAMES.

Gravity GhostThe key for the game appeal is its simplicity. The storytelling is achieved by a comic-type static cartoon with alternating dialogue. It is a bit long for my taste, and there’s no skip option. This is OK when you pass through certain level for the first time, but it is a real pest on the third or fourth time around. However, at this stage of development a few glitches are to be expected.

The art in the game is lovely – a bit rough but very stylish and suitable for its purpose. Still, the most impressive part of the game is the simplicity of the action. The game employs the laws of physics (mostly gravity) to guide your character. And when you have multiple gravity pools (planets) around you, achieving your goal is anything but easy. It is like solving puzzle in real time with constantly changing rules.

Here are some games insights from young Dr Yokky (he just learned how to use the Spellchecker).

Gravity Ghost“The game is about a ghost on planets. You guide the ghost from planet to planet. A star will always be somewhere in the level. When you get the star you’re nearly finished. The only thing to do is to reach the door of the level. The maze levels are the most interesting. In these levels the biggest planet is a maze and there is a wee planet within it. I like the game because some planets move and some don’t. What I don’t like is when you pass a maze level you have to go back and leave the planet in the centre of the galaxy. If you just go in and out and if you don’t do it the game just puts you out of the game. Also I like the game because there’s lots of thinking and controlling to do.”

In my opinion this is a fair description of the game. However, there is still work to be done. What the game really needs at this point is menu access. It is really necessary to have an option to save your progress, to quit from the game without simply closing the window (if it is window sized) and to have an accessible help system within the game.

Gravity GhostThe game Gravity ghost is a lovely golden nugget of originality and once ready it will offer a lot of fun for a wide range of gamers. It is interesting to mention that if pre-ordered you can have two copies of the game (one to share). I found this a nice touch that shows how clever the developing team is. I am looking forward to seeing final product.





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