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Should I be excited about… The Next Gen

Should I be excited about… The Next Gen

With the next generation slowly creeping up on us, many will be on the fence on whether or not to splash the cash and become an early adopter. Will we instead straddle the fence until later, looking for a drop in price or a specific title? I think there is a whole load of reasons to look forward to next gen consoles, and maybe even consider adopting early.

zombies1. Better Graphics:
Well of course this would be the main reason to upgrade to the next generation. It seems so simple, but looking forward with screenshots and the pretty in-game videos that have dazzled us so far, visuals can only get better. It would be an obvious choice for anyone looking to bask in the beauty of new worlds.



PlayStation42. Streaming/Recording:
Being a massive fan of fighting games, there is nothing I love more than sitting down to watch a stream. Obviously the issues of watching a stream are that the organisers dictate to you which players you watch. Thankfully this won’t be an issue in the next gen. Every console has the ability to record, play and even stream, so now I can tune in to my favourite player streaming or even stream myself. Hopefully this will cut out the need for an expensive computer and a tonne of gadgets and allow anyone to stream with simplicity.


Xbox-Rewards-Achievement-Microsoft-Points3. New Achievement System:
Although exclusively an Xbox One motif, I still find myself becoming unreasonably excited at the premise of new achievements and the way in which they work. This time Microsoft has promised more of them, and cooperative challenges for communities to work towards to unlock cool in-game items and shiny badges for our already heavy lapels. It’s definitely intriguing and I for one really want to sink my teeth into the new types of community achievements and the time based ones to see if they really live up to what is promised.


TheDivision4. New IPs:
I can’t be the only person who thought that some old series were looking a little tired and frumpy at the end of the current generation. They lacked a certain shine that was once present when they first burst on to our screens. With the promise of a new generation many new titles have appeared, shinier and prettier in comparison to last season’s models (I bet they are wilder in bed too).



Xbox180-2-25. More 180s from those who brought you the 360
Yes, it is a bit of a joke but I really can’t wait to see what else they can backtrack on. The most recent reversal is the removal of the requirement for Kinect for the console to work! That’s right, you no longer even need to have it plugged in as we first thought, even though it is still included with every console sold. Couple this with all the other changes, such as the “always online” check in, and you have many more revolutionary U-turn’s from Microsoft.


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