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Should I be excited about… Aarklash: Legacy (PC)

Aarklash Legacy is due to hit the market this September, would you like to know what it’s like? Well read on!

It’s probably best described as a squad based tactical action adventure game… that’s quite a mouthful, so let’s go by the developer’s description: Adventure/Strategy. Without worrying about the semantics, Aarklash sees you controlling a group of four mercenaries as they’re caught in the middle of a conflict between the guild of moneylenders and the barons of the land. The longer story promotes intrigue, suggests at betrayal and promises heavy character development. Narrative features that every good RPG should have, bonus!

Aarklash5The gameplay is fairly standard fair, it does what you’d expect of an Adventure/RPG and not a lot more. The four characters you control, while somewhat unique in their characterisation, are fairly cookie cutter in terms of their roles and skills. You have the tanky fighter, decent damage, able to take aggro away from the other party members. Then the sneaky rogue who bleeds his enemies to death and removes their buffs. Thirdly the powerful sorceress, mistress of highpowered arcane damage. Lastly but not least the cleric, ranged attacker and heals galore. One thing the characters that is interesting and different from the norm is that they all have a strength and weakness outside of their classes. For example, the fighter hurts herself everytime she uses a skill while the cleric needs to syphon life out of her allies to regenerate MP, these extra little effects feel like they should add an extra layer of tactics to the game however in the part I played they didn’t really have too much of an effect.

Combat can be a self-managing part of the game, though if you want to get the most success out of it, it’s probably a good idea to strategise. This is helped by the pausing system present, reminscient of the classic infinity engine games. As soon as combat begins the game is paused, giving you ample time to strategise and move your party into position. At any time during combat you have the option to pause again to rethink your strategies. The lacking side of combat is in the skills your characters employ, they feel like they would fit in any MMO ever: the fighter starts with Taunt and Self Heal, the rogue has Bleed damage and debuffs, the list goes on. There’s very little pizazz to the skills, at least to the initial skills.

Aarklash4The game’s graphics are to me a let down. I was drawn to this game by the absolutely gorgeous concept art (which, to be fair, is the point of concept art), expecting some beautifully rendered environments and characters. The in-game graphics don’t match up to that. Don’t get me wrong here there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, they just don’t look to be pushing any boundaries instead going for a simple semi cartoonish fantasy look. Possibly the fairest thing to be said about them is that they get the job done.

So, should you get excited about Aarklash Legacy? As far as games go it’s a pretty fun and solid experience. If you’re a fan of RPGs then you’ll definitely get your moneys worth here, if you’re not.. it’s worth considering but I wouldn’t go crazy for it.


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