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GTA (5 Games to play till it comes out)

It has been a long five years since we last seen the godfather of open world games grace our consoles, and I’m sure that wait has been five years too long for many of you. It’s almost poetic to wait five years for Grand Theft Auto 5, and like the previous iterations there is no doubt in my mind that it will bring a new era of video game violence and accusations that games make violent people. But that’s not to say I’m a little excited, even if I’ve never been a massive fan of the series. What’s more important than the wait for GTA V is the games you play during that wait. So here is my top five titles to tide you over in the long wait for GTA V.

5. Sleeping Dogs
This has to be the perfect eastern incarnation of an open world game. A game that once started as another entry in to the True Crime series bloomed in to a whole new monster. With a brilliant soundtrack and some awesome allusions to old school Kung fu movies you will be overwhelmed but such am exciting game.

4. Crackdown
Crackdown may be a bit dated now but it’s resurgence on the marketplace for free this month shows that it’s still a fun game where you can be the super hero cop hybrid you dreamt of being when you were a child. There is an amazing amount of extra orbs and side missions you can do to keep you preoccupied for quite some time. This game is so good that Saints Row 4 even took a leaf out of its book.

3. Prototype
Much like Crackdown, Prototype is an open world game on steroids. You can glide fly and decimate passers by as you see fit. With a far darker story and much more violence in the mix Prototype will definitely bridge the gap between Crackdown and your homicidal tendencies in the long wait for GTA V.

2. Saints Row
For me the first Saints game was perfect, I had grown weary of the tried and tested Grand Theft Auto formula and was in need of something a little different. Saints Row captured my imagination with ludicrous gang members and hilarious side missions, but what was more important was that the first instalment had its feet firmly on the ground. You could manage your gang and pimp vehicles, it was all I needed to put a smile on my face. Oh and a pimp came shotgun.

1. GTA:Vice City

It might be a little controversial to say that San Andreas isn’t the best in the long list of GTA games but it isn’t for me. There was something about Vice City that made me smile. It might have been the cheesy Miami cop suits or the amazing radio stations but it will always be the GTA game I hold nearest and dearest, especially the porn empire missions. Who will ever forget Dildo Dodo?

Honourable mentions: Dead Island, Dead Rising and Yakuza 4 are all also great open world games that just missed out but if you have played everything else in the list to completion then you might as well start these games too.

So there you have it, break it your PS2 or scavenge some ore owned baskets and pick up these absolute gems and sit right for GTA V!


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