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Featured Post – Board Games That Were Made for the Flash Game Platform

More and more every day, things are shifting towards online, and gaming is no exception. Whilst board games used to be limited to Sunday afternoons with the family all sat round the table, now you can play quickly and anytime you want be just clicking online and searching for the relevant flash game. Some board games were made for the flash platform, to the point that in some ways, they work better online than they did in their original format.

You can find online versions of two of the most popular board games of all time – Monopoly and Cluedo – on the ChitChat Bingo website, and the money you can win isn’t just fake Monopoly cash – it’s the real thing!

Online, these games take on the form of slots. The Monopoly game has nine lines as has a Super Jackpot payout of 20,000 x the line bet, so you can win big. Plays like a regular slot, but packed with bonus features based on all the board game favourites, such as a Community Chest instant bonus, which is unlocked by getting the instant bonus symbol on any of the last three reels, Chance, which moves you on to another random spot on the virtual board, Free Parking, which could add an award value to your total and the Pass “GO” bonus, which places you onto the Monopoly bonus board and offers you the chance to win ever bigger.

The Cluedo slot game has up to 15 paylines and includes the special ‘Who Won It?’ bonus feature. If the ‘Who Won It?’ symbol appears on any three of the reels, then you unlock the bonus game. This sees you move onto one of three bonus award boards – suspects, rooms or weapons, and you will then receive up to three offers. Choose to take or refuse each offer, in the knowledge that the one coming next could be lower – do you stick or do you twist?

Other online offerings of board game favourites include Trivial Pursuit Blitz – a quick version of the usually long winded general knowledge game. In this game you have to race against the clock to earn your coloured wedges, and you can challenge your friends to beat your high score too.

A final board game that has also made the transition to flash is the Aliens board game, which is a take on the popular sci-fi movie. The online remake certainly fits in with the feel of the original film and offers a great interactive experience. Unlike other board game flash games, it works more like a platform game, and shows the versatility with which board games can be used in today’s online world.


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