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Should I be excited about… Assault Android Cactus (PC)

Should I be excited about… Assault Android Cactus (PC)

assaultandroidcactus_06The best ever pre-release?

The game “Assault Android Cactus” is a little gem. It is a twin-stick shooter with arena based stages, where your main character faces waves of enemy robots. The game starts with the selection of your main character. The player has a choice of five androids at his disposal (Cactus, Holly, Lemon, Coral and Starch). Each android has different types of weapon which leads to different fighting styles. My personal favourite is Holly, as its main weapon is “seeker” that makes aiming easier.

The game provides a short tutorial level which sufficiently explains the basic controls and principles. The controls are easy and intuitive and the androids response is very satisfactory. Sometimes the movement in certain direction overshoots, but probably it is intentionally designed this way. The graphics are fantastic and the visual impact is stunning. It is an absolute pleasure to spend few spare minutes engaging the rogue robots overflowing every level. As mentioned earlier the levels are arena based and the enemies pour from the arena borders. However, most of the level reshape and change during the gameplay. It makes the game unpredictable and interesting. And really, really difficult. Overall, there is nothing wrong with the games fundamentals and the developer has done an amazing job. Simply, the game is so good that I was sure that this is the final product until I discovered that it has a limited number of levels ready. At that stage of the development this is as impressive as it can get.

assaultandroidcactus_b_07The issues that face the further development are more in story telling and game-fluency than game-motions. After playing a few levels, despite the very dynamic changes the game start to feel repetitive. At the moment there is no story which can keep the players interested and involved and the lack of goal greatly reduces the time that the game can be played. This isn’t worrying at this stage as I am sure that the developers will be working on this. It is just a question of how well it will be incorporated with what is already done. Also, a change in the games name can maximise the game’s potential.

That last paragraph is not intended as a critique, but rather as a suggestion for possible areas of improvement. I should point that after passing all available levels I wished there were more to play.

assaultandroidcactus_b_09The game needs some additional work in order to be truly great when released, but the promise for something spectacular is there. The developers just need more time to deliver the completed product. I am looking forward to see if Assault Android Cactus will live up to my expectations. Fingers crossed that it will be great.


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