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E3 Bulls**t Bingo

David Carr is back with another Bulls**t Bingo, and this time he’s calling E3. We all had fun with the Microsoft Conference Card, in fact the Bingo might have been the only “fun” thing to come from that conference. So here we go again, ready for E3. It’s going to be better right?

Here’s our card, why don’t you tell us in the comments what you have on yours?

E3 Bullsh*t Bingo

We’ll be back after the conferences with a marked card and, undoubtedly, some opinions.



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  1. Jon D says
    06/10/2013, 5:47 PM

    Bungie – Lets show you that live action video thingy of Destiny again, that’ll do.

    EA – FIFA 14/15 to get DRM, Infact DRM FOR EVERYONE!

  2. MChrichton says
    06/10/2013, 12:53 PM

    Oh no,……. …….. ……. ……. ……. (censored quite some nasty words here). The Last guardian postponed again. I so wanted that game to be finished already. If that game does not get made I will go postal and that is a promise.

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