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Top 5 Things I Want to See in Fallout 4

Top 5 Things I Want to See in Fallout 4

First of all, I think it should be known that I love the Fallout Series. My preference is New Vegas, I know that may cause some controversy among the Fallout Elite, but it is just my opinion. Now that is out of the way, here are the things that I believe should be in the Bethesda developed Fallout 4 – or in an Obsidian developed sequel to New Vegas, if it is released first. This list is my personal opinion and is not using any of the speculated information for the next Fallout release and only uses prior games as referenced materials.

Fallout Map5. Travel and map size

I love wandering the wasteland. Finding random locations or a nest of enemies to obliterate is one of the best things about this game series. However, this comes to my first annoyance with the series, travelling. So you have a long way to go and a short time to get there (sorry), but all you can do is run endlessly, staring at your screen for half an hour as you watch the wasteland go by in all its grey-filtery glory. I don’t mind the distance; in fact its brilliant as its what I would expect in a post apocalyptic world: spread out pockets of civility, clinging to their way of life, just so they can make it to the next day. This is good, but having no way of travelling faster? That is not. Throughout human history those that conquer have had two things better than those who don’t, technology and speed. Think of the Mongolians under the rule of Genghis Khan, they had Composite Bows that allowed them to fire from horseback, technology AND speed, enabling them to give birth to the largest contiguous empire in history. I believe that there should be some form of transport in the New World, because it already has the technology.

I know that it would be weird to have petroleum powered vehicles, so using microfusion cells or EC packs maybe? I know this is far-fetched and will probably not be incorporated into the game. But vehicles, in the wasteland, what would they even look like? I hear you ask. Well think Mad Max beyond Thunderdome – minus Tina Turner behind the wheel. I could totally see raiders and mercs using these to terrorise towns or cities. This way, it would allow you to travel way longer distances, meaning that the map could be made larger and more fun stuff could be added. Having vehicles could also add a new combat element to the game. Having your followers man different section of the vehicle, if its big enough.

Fallout4. Actions having game effect

This is a problem with most games that are action role playing games, for example Skyrim. I’m not saying I don’t like Skyrim, I have logged about the same amount of hours on it as I have with New Vegas and Fallout 3. My problem is that no matter what action you take, people still treat you like a dick. Ok, so New Vegas got close: if you were in an area where people idolized you, you could get free stuff, like from the Brotherhood of Steel you could get free ammo for your energy weapons, or from Freeside you would get random food. This was good, but when you were traveling through the NCR bases or in close proximity to the Legion explorers the NPC’s would still treat you like a dick. In the new Fallout, stop treating me like I’m a dick.

Fallout Karma3. Moral Choices

This is mainly because of New Vegas and its lack of overall bad Karma things to do. Yeah, you could help powder gangers and Caesar’s Legion. But what else could you do? The next game in the Fallout series should have more range of moral choices, and there should be more followers who will back that decision. In New Vegas there were really only two followers who wouldn’t mind you joining Caesar’s Legion: Raul and Lily. Having the ability to choose your karmic alignment, with an actual effect on the game would improve the experience.

Fallout Crafting2. Crafting

In Fallout 3 you were able to create awesome weapons that would fire such things as tin cans at enemies. This ludicrousness was part of the reason I continually played 3, because I knew there were more schematics and I wanted to discover and build them all. New Vegas lost this, however, and it dampened the overall game for me. Yeah, modding your weapons was kick ass, and with the addition of the Gun Runners Arsenal there were lots of them. But it just wasn’t the same, I wanted my air powered ‘Rock-It Launcher’ that I had duct taped together – all by myself – using things I MacGyvered together on a bench that shoots arbitrary junk at my foes!

Fallout Talon1.Factions

I love the factions in NV. Taking out ridiculously stronger hunting parties by yourself because you have been a bit too harsh on either faction makes traveling the wasteland that much more fun. I wouldn’t want the factions to somehow magically know I have taken out their companions though, I would prefer a Skyrim style, where if you take out the last witness then no-one will ever know.



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  1. Lee says
    01/29/2014, 2:23 AM

    Who ever was a dick to you in any Fall Out? Would you want a fantasy version of the apocalypse, a recreation of the show Lazy Town, or something that actually tried to fictionalize people out in a wasteland trying to take care of and fend for themselves, which necessarily would mean treating everyone else suspiciously? I know the choice I would make.
    I’d have to disagree with the travel options, too. Nothing gives you an idea of the immense size of the world than walking everywhere your self does. You have fast travel, for chrissakes! Remember the Morrowind days where you had to walk everywhere yourself? I’m not staying going back to that system, but something that we both could agree upon is having more variety to the wasteland itself, so that in walking everywhere, you could find even more crazy new things and you wouldn’t have to even think about fast travel bc you’d be so busy doing that.

  2. Profile photo of Stuart Gillies
    05/25/2013, 9:53 PM

    Cheers for the responses :D And in response to your responses… Yeah.

    Vehicles are in the game already, the likes of Verti-birds which are used by President Kimball and the Remnants in New Vegas. I would love to see bicycles, if that was ever put in I think there would have to be a Multiplayer aspect to it so people can have bike wars :D

    I did however leave out some other points that I have opinions on, this isn’t a complete list and were the 5 things I believed that are already in the game to an extent but could be improved. I left out things like, if you keep going around saving each area that you play in then the whole world would eventually be saved. I would also like to see other countries, for example China seeing as in previous games they were said to have been first to launch the missiles. Europe would be good as well, but I fear that if there was a London based game then it would be a game set purely in the underground.

    Cheers for the feedback.

  3. bigman345 says
    05/24/2013, 3:26 PM

    What about bicycles ?

  4. Hugo says
    05/23/2013, 6:05 PM

    “using microfusion cells or EC packs maybe? I know this is far-fetched and will probably not be incorporated into the game.”

    You know, there was a car in fallout 2 that used to run on MF cells. the car was found in a junkyard in klamath (if i remember correctly). So your idea is not that far-fetched…actually i’m kind of sad that I didnt think of it. Maybe you should contact Bethesda regarding this issue.

  5. Profile photo of
    Jordan Jack McGurk says
    05/10/2013, 6:21 PM

    Great list. One change I’d love to see is the addition of a turn-based mode like Fallouts of old. As much as I love the new games, (much like you, I preferred New Vegas to 3,) I just don’t enjoy shooting games all that much. VATS is alright, but it runs out far too quickly to be a substitute.

    I’m kind of a big fan of crafting systems, but very few games do them well. Usually it boils down to picking things from a list. There are two MMOs I’ve been playing recently that have somewhat in-depth crafting systems; Mabinogi and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. In both of these games, there is something to make the crafting system a bit more interactive. In Mabinogi, it’s a simple little mini-game which determines the quality of the good you craft. In Vanguard, you go through the whole process, heating the forge, hammering the metal and applying finishing touches. Depending on the tools in your belt, you can do this process in different ways. It would be great to see Fallout take its crafting system in that direction.

    The addition of vehicles would be rather cool. If you remember back to Fallout 3, one of the main complaints was that the map was so big and empty. Vehicles would allow them to have that big, empty wasteland feel without it being a negative point.

    I’d also like to see something more done with companions. Rather than buying/obtaining a house and them just running back there to stay, having something like a base that requires defending would be interesting. Take into account both your and your companions skills which all go towards a total pool to allow upgrades. Being able to outfit the ones you leave behind to defend the base — obviously they can’t die doing this, but get injured, perhaps. Being able to send things back to your base via courier and also retrieve them this way, too. If on the off chance you fail at defending your base, you could be tasked with a quest to get what was stolen from you back. It would add to the ambiance of the wasteland, making it seem a bit more like a desperate struggle for survival. Imagine you’re out in the wastes and a courier comes running towards you with a letter. You open it. Your base has been attacked and your companions couldn’t defend it, so you’re given a quest to retrieve what was stolen. You track the thieves down. Civilians. Just people desperate to survive. Do you really want to take your stuff back from these people, possibly condemning them?

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