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Should I be excited about… Door Kickers

Door Kickers is a RTS counter terrorism game for PC. It is being developed by Kill House Games. It’s a top down 2D game where the player views an overhead of the level. It basically plays like a RTS version of the planning mode from Rainbow Six.

scr4_thumbThe game has the player micro manage their swat team. You select each swat member and give them their individual task. You can tell them to move to a certain location, open doors, throw flash bangs, and look in a direction. The player can either give an order in real time, or they can pause the game then give each squad member a task. This pausing ability is really helpful, especially when there is a need to co-ordinate attacks. For example, if there’s a room with two or more doors the player can assign a squad member a door to breach at the same time. The start of this article describes this game as a RTS version of the planning mode from Rainbow Six, but there’s one main difference. Unlike in the Rainbow Six the terrorists don’t show up until a squad member sees them. Even then they are only visible to the player when they are in direct sight of a squad member. This makes the simple task of entering a room dangerous, as there could be a number of terrorists waiting out of sight. Terrorists can also move between rooms so even if you have cleared a corridors it’s good practice to have a squad member keep an eye out.

Opening a door blindly is dangerous and will get your squad killed. Instead, the player can select a squad member to approach a door. This will give the player 3 options, open door, throw flash bang, and spy camera. Throw flash bang instructs the squad member to throw a flash bang into the room before entering. This will stun any terrorists in the room giving the squad time to take them out. The spy camera allows the player to see what’s in the room. This is useful for planning the attack.

Door KickersIn this Alpha version of the game there are three main game types. Clear Hostiles, Hostage Rescue, and Bomb Defuse. In Clear Hostiles the objective is to kill all the terrorists in the level. Hostage Rescue requires the player to save someone in on of the levels rooms. This one can be tricky as these terrorists will execute a hostage as soon as they see any of your squad in the same room. The trick here is to make sure the flash bang stuns every one in a room before you breach. Anything less and the hostage will be killed. Bomb Defuse requires the player to locate and them defuse a bomb. This can be quite tricky as there is usually not enough time to kill all the terrorists before trying to defuse the bomb. When the bomb starts to be defused all terrorists descend upon the bomb site. Its like a RTS version of Counter-Strike.

The AI of the terrorists is quite good. The Swat team AI on the other hand seemed to have been taught in the school as the marines from Halo. They are idiots. If they are getting shot at from behind they just stand there. Other squad members seem to be oblivious to an ally dying right in front of them. This can be frustrating as you will have to manually aim a squad member when they are being attacked from behind. Which in most cases will be too late. Kill House Games please send your swat team AI to night class before release!

Door KickersDoor Kickers is still in Alpha but its already a great game to play. If you are a fan of planning your Rainbow Six missions then you will enjoy this game Even fans of turn based squad games like XCOM will get a good amount of enjoyment out of Door Kickers. Its a shame that Door Kickers is just coming out for PC right now, as this game would be perfect for the iPad too, but maybe we’ll get that further down the line.


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