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Should I be excited about… Citizens of Earth

Should I be excited about… Citizens of Earth

“I like this one… Can I have it?.”
With these phrases began my journey into the depths of philosophy, second thoughts and uncertainties.

But first things first: Citizens of Earth developed by Eden Industries is an RPG game that combines an amusing art style with accessible mechanics. It’s simple, cartoony and inviting, and the bright presentation promises an RPG that’s easy to get into.

Citizens of EarthThroughout there is a consistent cheeky sense of humour – if you’re looking for a satirical RPG then this is…. well probably your only choice. And its addictive. I ran through the levels and after each battle I was promising myself that I would do only one more and then finish for the night, but this was futile. I continued playing…

Unfortunately, the fun didn’t last. Citizen’s of Earth became really frustrating when the bugs in the game started to pile-up. Nevertheless, I was playing and I was more than keen to let the little buggers slip (after all what are few crashes between friends) – I was happy! And I remained happy until the game came to a complete stop and nothing could help me to proceed any further.

But before we get to that let me tell you a little bit about the game itself. The player wakes up as the Vice President of Earth and start bossing everyone around. You wake in your hometown and you fight your opposition and enemies. When I say “you fight”, I mean of course “your team mates and followers fight”. The Vice President never gets his hands dirty. The first two followers/supporters/employees are his own mom and brother. How appropriate (very much like the real world) and funny (unlike the real world).

Citizens of EarthThis fine sense of humor shines throughout the whole game. For example, your followers literally follow you. The mother character does damage by nagging the opponent, the Vice President refuses to rummage through the rubbish bins no matter what is inside, and so on. There are opportunities to get many additional supporters further in the game and the Vice President’s team consists of three members who are chosen from them. Every supporter has unique abilities which determine the outcome of the fights of the team. The game controls are very intuitive and the battle mode is well designed. The fights in which you team is involved are turn-based. The only required commodity in the battles is energy, which can be provided or consumed by different battle moves. This makes the battles very interesting and flexible. A fun, funny turn based game? Sounds almost too good to be true. Well… drop the “almost” from the previous sentence!

Sadly the game is buggy at the moment. At one point I was completely stuck, and it took a long time to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do. When I got past this part, the game ended. The best way to describe the emotions at this moment is to use citation from the game exactly at that point:
“What the… Are you kidding me?

Citizens of EarthSo there are some things Eden Industries need to polish to make Citizien’s of Earth live up to its initial promise.

So back to the philosophy I mentioned at the start of the preview: Most of the times one looks into himself and ask is the glass half-full or is it half-empty and the answer determines whether they are an optimist or pessimist. In this game’s case the glass was more than full, but it was also broken. For the moment, literally! Once the glass is fixed, I look forward to taking a drink. In other words, I am looking forward to see how the game ends!

This preview is based on the build Eden Industries showed off at GDC, and may not be representative of the quality of the finished game


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